5 Things To Remember About Effective Business Meetings

Meetings are used to determine lot of things about a firm/company. We make our major decisions at meetings, most of which are fixed to hold at regular intervals. Handling meetings badly, however, always have a negative effect. Some significant characteristics of bad meetings are lack of agenda and failure to stay within the assigned time. […]

What type of meeting should you call?

You are right when you say, “I hate meetings” because you are not the only person in that category. A lot of people see meetings as tiring, boring, and sometimes a total waste of time, this is because of the awful experiences they’ve had. Nevertheless, meetings are a crucial element in the overall development and […]

In A Fast-Paced Workplace, Mindfulness Is A Must

  Today’s workplace is more demanding than ever. Business competitiveness changes and becomes tedious every day. Loads of projects, and the urgent need to adjust to using a new technology or methodology are some of the “must-possess” ability to survive in a fast-paced workplace. These can be inundating, stressful and de-motivating. It is worthy of […]

Don’t just lead meetings, Facilitate them!

  Meetings are one of the things an organization cannot do without. Although everyone in a meeting may come with a prepared mind, the person-in-charge of a meeting determines how it goes and its effectiveness.  As much as it is important to keep an open mind and allow every participant in a meeting to contribute, […]

Using timers for personal productivity

The use of timers for personal productivity can make a huge difference in the kind of results you get, and also influence your promotion at work. Each day contains 24 hours but only a fraction of the total time of the day is usually spent doing something productive. Daily tasks are overwhelming and stressful. This […]

6 Meeting Productivity Tips for 2018

Business Meetings are your best bet when you need to get team members closer together but also – to tap into your company’s collective brainpower. Being a Millennial myself and a Startup foundee, I quickly learned off my own example, that the ones in charge usually do not have all the answers. Past generations have […]