Clocks Are Out!
You've got Mind.

World’s first Stress - Free Timer
For Psychotherapy and Counselling.

Build Trust With Your Clients

You care about your clients, but you need to be time-aware too. Glancing at clocks and watches often causes clients to feel insecure. Timeqube helps you keep track of time without eroding trust.


No Sound. Only Colours.

Timeqube uses color transitions to gently remind the therapist about remaining time. Place Timeqube anywhere in the room and the eye will catch color transitions using human peripheral vision. Your client will never be distracted.


Designed Together With Therapists

We consulted over 60+ psychotherapists to design Timeqube Mind. It features most common therapy session time presets and  comes in color schemes, so you can pick the scheme that will work best with you and your clients.

Timeqube Mind

World’s first stress-free timer for psychotherapy designed together with therapists. PREORDER OPEN!

89,00 69,00 + VAT



About Timeqube Mind

Timeqube Mind is an evolution of our first product – Timeqube. Mind was designed for psychotherapists working with their clients. I’ve consulted nearly 100 professional therapists to find out how therapy sessions can be timed in a less stressful way. Based on my own experience (I have just finished an yearlong therapy myself) and the voices of actual therapists, we created a device with time programs and colours made specifically for the psychotherapy setting.

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Benefits of Timeqube Mind

  • 100% distraction-free, mindful timing (backed by science!)
  • Never glance at clocks and watches again. Your eye will catch Timeqube Mind’s gentle glow from any distance and angle.


  • 6 universal presets selected by therapists : 15, 30, 45, 50, 60, 90 minutes
  • 2 colour schemes selected by therapists (Classic and Calm) to choose from
  • Simple, intuitive interface (power on, press)
  • Looks great in any therapy room
  • brightness level tailored towards psychotherapy
  • ~ 20 h battery life (constant glowing), no separate batteries needed!
  • Passionately made in Poland


Difference between Classic and Calm

Every Timeqube Mind has 4 color phases. They are shown using different colours.

1️⃣ a lot of time left
2️⃣ half time
3️⃣ closing the session 
4️⃣ time’s up (blinking)

We currently offer the “Classic”  or “Calm” colour schemes. Calm uses Violet instead of Red colour.

Make sure to select the right variant when placing a pre-order.

Timeqube Mind Classic:

Timeqube Mind Calm:



Seeing overwhelmingly positive reception of our original Timeqube, we’re starting to take pre-orders for Timeqube Mind. Preorder price is 69 EUR until end of June, while the regular price will rise to 89 EUR to equal our earlier product.



Timequbes are manufactured in Poland in limited batches, mostly according to received orders. Our manufacturing model aims at leaving low eco footprint as we do not need to keep large inventory stock.

To develop and manufacture the pre-order Timequbes we need around 3 months (counted from Jun the 1st), so we would be shipping around end of August, right in time for the Fall Blues!



We’re offering local shipping in Poland for a flat 5 EUR fee,  9,49 EUR within European Union and 12,99 EUR shipping cost to deliver to all other countries.


Project Progress

We will be sending an update email once in 2-3 weeks.


Pre-order your Timeqube and have both you and your clients forget stressful clocks forever.



Write me directly at [email protected]
We’re available in Warsaw, Wework Labs at Krucza 50 in case you’re up for a cup of coffee .

Ordering / Pre-Order Terms and Conditions are summarised here.


Thanks a Million!

The Timeqube Team