More Productivity.
Better Home Schooling.

Timeqube helps adults and children focus better.

Keeps You Focused

Timeqube uses Pomodoro technique friendly time presets :25 and 55 minutes so you can work in focused blocks.



Reminds To Take Breaks

After each focused work session Timeqube blinks red. This is the time for you to take a break.



Acts As Visible Do Not Disturb

Timeqube is visible from any angle or distance. While keeping you focused, it gently notifies others around you that you’re in focused work.





Timeqube Home Office [Preorder]

Timeqube Home helps everyone in the household focus better.

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Timeqube for Home Office & Home Schooling – you’ll love using it!

Timeqube Home Office Edition is a unique visual timer to help you remain productive at home. Timeqube features personal productivity time presets in line with the Pomodoro Technique. Instead of tick-tock sounds and noisy alarms, the Timeqube uses colors: GREEN, ORANGE and RED,  keeping you aware of remaining time. Timeqube helps you keep everyone at home aware, that you are in focused work as a “Do not disturb” indicator.



  • Universal preset times: 5, 10, 15, 🍅 25, 📚45 , 🍅 55 minutes
  • Purely visual
  • No tick-tock or any other sound
  • Hand-made in European Union
  • Distraction and stress-free as attested by science and our customers
  • Works throughout the entire focused work session, reminding you of remaining time
  • 8-10 hours of constant operation with charging through USB-C port
  • The device can also be used while it’s being charged


Our Suite of Products

We manufacture 3 models which differ only in light colours and time presets. Make sure to pick the best model for yourself:

macierz timeqube

Timeqube Mind – The Therapy Timer [Preorder]

Timeqube Classic [Preorder]

Timeqube Home Office [Preorder]



  • Improves your productivity by subtly keeping you time-aware (proven by customers!)
  • Can be used as “Do not disturb” indicator for the family and people in the household
  • Use with your kids (pre-school & school) for timeboxed home schooling


Simple interface

Timeqube has a minimal design and user interface. Power on, set time, press to start your focused work session.

Screenshot 2018-11-30 at 13.41.38


Free Timeqube Online for all customers!

Order now and get a Timeqube Online 6-month access. Use our digital tool while waiting for the Timeqube delivery.

A subscription is not needed to use your hardware timer. Once you buy the hardware device, you can use it forever!

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In the box

Here’s the goodies you’re getting with every new Timeqube:

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2 Year Global Guarantee

We trust in our product therefore we offer a full 2-year global guarantee.

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We can ship your Timeqube anywhere in the world. Worldwide orders are usually shipped from our warehouse within 90 days of your order. We need time to actually manufacture electronics for you – it takes time. In selected cases, delivery may take longer.

Shipping to America costs 19.99 USD and shipping to Australia costs 29.99 USD. 

There is always a risk that your package will be delayed at courier company or at the customs. Depending on your exact tax status, your local customs authorities might add additional import tax on your package. 

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Detailed device specification is available on the FAQ page.
For more information check our Terms and Conditions page

Wishing you many productive meetings!