Reinventing the Timer

Our human brain recognises colours first. Timeqube plants the seed of gentle time awareness directly in the sub-conscious while you focus 100% on the meeting and its participants. It's actually how our vision works.

timeqube green A lot of time left

A lot of time left

timeqube yello half or less time left

Half or less time left

timeqube red time to wrap up

Time to wrap up

timeqube red time to wrap up timeqube gray times up

Time's up

More and more companies are transforming the way they meet

More and more companies are transforming the way they meet

Forward thinking companies, from growing businesses to large teams use Timeqube to improve their meeting performance.

You're helping save time for Earth
Trees planted in Amazon

Trees planted in Australia and elsewhere with every Timeqube sold.  Learn More

Key Features

The first distraction-free Timer that lets you focus on the meeting itself and get stuff done faster!

Now everyone is
The Time-Keeper

With Timeqube on the table, everyone will intuitively cross-check time during meeting.

Visible from all angles and distances

Small meeting rooms and large conference centers - the cube will always be visible

                Build sustainable & productive meeting habits
Continuous Behavioral Stimulus

Timeqube provides gentle visual stimuli directly to the brain without diverting attention from the task at hand.

                Timeqube help to Reduce Stress Levels during business meetings
Stress and Distraction Free Timing

Colours in the peripheral field of human vision produce no stress or distraction.

Use Timeqube in meetings to stay productive and on task

What our customers say

This is what our satisfied customers have to say about Timeqube

Now suddenly we have meetings that end earlier than planned.

That’s why we’re stepping up from One Timeqube to Four. It’s quite widespread and people see the effect. Now suddenly we have meetings that end earlier than planned. That’s great!

Thomas Brustbauer / IT Manager & Returning Customer / Uniqa Slovakia

This has been a total game changer in managing my ADHD

This has been a total game changer in managing my ADHD.
– Amy (United States)

I recommend the physical TimeQube to all of my fellow therapists

I recommend the physical TimeQube to all of my fellow therapists and people working in meetings with clients! Such a wonderful tool. 
Shaun / United States

The Timeqube is hands down one of my favorite objects to visualize time.

I can use it to pace myself in meetings & online keynotes without audible interruptions. I never go over a standup or intro slot. I use it to cut off from interesting computational problems instead of getting sucked into a rabbit hole that ends up digging up some old Frank Ramsey paper. I use it to start a race to do tedious tasks, or to shortcut perfectionism.

Jessica Graves, Chief Data Officer, Sefleuria

Simple and Fast

I really like the Timeqube. It’s simple, fast to operate (as times are pre-defined). It also has a very nice design. I love the USB-C and personalised feel! The carrying eco bag is awesome!

Adam Gieniusz / Customer & Business Coach / Poland

Amazing product executed brilliantly

The Timeqube is my new best friend for time blocking my day, i use it in combination with a day planner to keep track of the time i have left of each of the jobs i want to get done, as a company director i have really come to realise how quickly time dissappears so this helps me to remember that i need to get on and get things done. // K.G. Collings / Customer / United Kingdom


Discover Timeqube's many use cases

TImeqube has a multitude of uses inside and outside of a meeting room.

Timing in Psychotherapy

As the average number of psychotherapy patients are on the rise, therapists seek to improve the ways they time their sessions. Time matters, but it may be, at the same time, a very powerful stressor to both the client and therapist. Working on Timeqube for Business we noticed interest among therapists to use it in […]

More Home Office Productivity

Timeqube Home Office Edition is a unique visual timer to help you remain productive at home office. Timeqube features personal productivity time presets in line with the Pomodoro Technique. Instead of tick-tock sounds and noisy alarms, the Timeqube uses colors: GREEN, ORANGE and RED,  keeping you aware of remaining time. Timeqube helps you keep everyone at home aware, that […]

Non-distractive timing in Business Meetings

Time is money. Timeqube works directly with the brain and so changes the way people in the meeting relate to time.

Agile Scrum Daily Stand-up Timer

Timeqube has 2,5 and 15 minute programs engineered with Agile Scrum Daily Stand-ups in mind. What is a Scrum Daily Standup? An essential sync up meeting in both Scrum and Kanban methodologies. It is an agile ceremony held for the Development Team facilitated by the Scrum Master. The Product Owner and the stakeholders can participate […]

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