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Timeqube increases meeting productivity by changing the way people think about time. Without the distraction of regular timers.

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Keep everyone time-aware. Not stressed by time.

Timeqube uses the 3 colors everyone knows by heart. It doesn't shout the exact time at you. Instead it provides a gentle, yet effective reminder of passing time.

timeqube green A lot of time left<

A lot of time left

timeqube yello half or less time left

Half or less time left

timeqube red time to wrap up

Time to wrap up

timeqube red time to wrap up timeqube gray times up

Time's up

Use Timeqube in meetings to stay productive and on track

Fully analog experience

We don't want people to spend even more time on their Smartphones. Timeqube's UX is engineered towards simplicity of form and interface. Actually it's so straightforward, nobody will ever have to learn it.


Why it's awesome

Timeqube is simple, intuitive and scientific.

Timeqube is Mindful & Stress-free
Mindful & Stress-free

Forget distracting countdowns and noisy alarms. Timeqube is purely and scientifically visual. Volume: 0.

Uses Peripheral Vision

Timeqube uses colors to raise meeting participants’ awareness of passing time. It’s also big enough so you know the time without even looking at it.

Simple & Minimal design

Timeqube uses simple, beautiful and intuitive form factor and interfacing.

Touch it and timeqube will start tracking time
One Tap to Rule them all

We call it The Tap . An enthusiastic thump will work too, so Timeqube can gently start tracking time.

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The story behind Timeqube

Owing to over 10 years spent wearing different hats at large enterprises, I grew used to a terrible fact – majority of meetings businesses do are ineffective, boring and costly. As an Agile practicioner, I grew to love the idea of time-boxing, that is assigning clear time boundaries to meetings. But for that, you either needed someone to keep track of time which seemed a waste, or alternatively a timer. Standard timers never really worked for us – people hated countdowns, moving dials and distracting sounds the moment a timer landed on the meeting table.

I dreamed of a timer that would help keep people aware of passing time but not stress everyone with its cruel imminence.

Timeqube is just that kind of timer. In a mindful and beautiful way it reminds meeting participants of time running out, so everyone can remain vigilant when this precious asset is being wasted.

Timeqube founder Andy

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