5 Agile Tools for Better Meetings – Free E-book

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At Timeqube we hate bad meetings as much as you do. Having worked for years in the Enterprise part of the world we were experiencing the Meeting Madness first hand. Now it’s time to share a few agile tools that worked for us and many other companies improve their meeting culture.

This book shows some of the battle-tested practices borrowed mostly from the World of Agility we worked in for years. They are simple and relatively easy to implement and they seek the most important ingredient to the meeting soup – authentic human interaction.

E-book contents

This PDF contains 5 battle-tested methods to improve your meetings and thus team performance. Not to mention money saved.

  • Checkins & Checkouts – a practice of icebreaking every time a meeting starts (and optionally ends) to make everyone more involved and engaged
  • Hearing All Angles – as Google found in their famous Aristotle Study, the pillar of performing teams is psychological safety. This technique lets you improve on that critical point
  • Collective timeboxing – timed meetings are cool but letting participants all time aware stress-free is something totally different
  • Enhanced Roman Vote – Implicit group decisions are the nightmare we all live in. This technique lets you make sure you do get your team buyin. Romans knew it. We enhanced it.
  • Systemic Consensus –  Lets you chose the path of “least resistance” when taking a group decision.

How will you benefit from this E-book?

  • Improve team’s psychological safety. That’s key to team performance.
  • Make meetings more equal, democratic and inclusive
  • Squash talker’s ego’s while bringing introverts to participate more actively
  • Take decisions quicker and using your entire team’s brainpower
  • That’s time. That’s money. That’s less stress. Period.

Ready to try these techniques with your team? Leave us your E-mail to access instant download.