About us

How did this all start?

As founders we’ve had the idea for quite some time. Owing to over 10 years at large international corporations I grew used to a terrible fact – majority of meetings we had were ineffective and often simply boring. Being part of Agile community I knew the idea of time-boxing, that is using a timer pre-set to anything from minutes to hours to signal the passing of time. However, standard timers never really worked for us – people hated countdowns, moving dials and distracting sounds the moment a timer landed on the meeting table.

The drives behind Timeqube

I’m a big fan of simplicity and minimalism. I also practice mindfulness meditation because I know how stress can be damaging to health and impair sound decision making. And so one day I came to have an idea that combines time-boxing with a psychological approach to increasing time awareness while remaining stress-free. Being part of the Agile Community, quite early I’ve discovered how putting mindful time-box into meetings can help people waste less time and make meetings far more productive.