About us

Hi – I’m Andy, Founder of Timeqube. I’m here to tell you a bit about the story and team behind Timeqube.

How did this all start?

As founder I’ve had the idea for quite some time. Owing to over 10 years at large international corporations I grew used to a terrible fact – majority of meetings we had were ineffective and often simply boring. Being part of Agile community I knew the idea of time-boxing, that is using a timer pre-set to anything from minutes to hours to signal the passing of time. However, standard timers never really worked for us – people hated countdowns, moving dials and distracting sounds the moment a timer landed on the meeting table.

The drives behind Timeqube

I’m a big fan of simplicity and minimalism. I also practice mindfulness meditation because I know how stress can be damaging to health and impair sound decision making. And so one day I came to have an idea that combines time-boxing with a psychological approach to increasing time awareness while remaining stress-free. Being part of the Agile Community, quite early I’ve discovered how putting mindful time-box into meetings can help people waste less time and make meetings far more productive.

The Future

It’s still very early in Timeqube’s lifetime, but our heads are already running full as to where the path can lead us. Solving the problem of meeting productivity is just the tip of an iceberg but first we want to do that one thing right and really help businesses out there realise higher potential of their workforce during business meetings.

We’ve launched our trello feedback/feature request/roadmap placeholder here. Feel free to follow, participate and help us get in the right direction at http://timequ.be/roadmap

The Team

Team Timeqube has been ever-growing since March this year. Here’s who is onboard: