Customer Interview : Timeqube Mind in Psychotherapy

tq customer interview
Written by Andy

My second interviewee this week – Lisa runs her psychotherapy practice and was one of the first customers to get Timeqube Mind – our timer dedicated to psychotherapy.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Lissa Sivvy and I’m a psychotherapist in my private practice in Montpellier, Vermont (United States)


How important is time in your job?

Time management as a psychotherapist is everything. It is important that Im very respectful of my clients’ schedules so I have to start my sessions on time and end them on time. I also have to keep myself sane in the process by giving myself a few minutes between appointments.


Tell us more about the problem you were facing

One issue I was having with my younger clients. Sometimes I do family counselling or child counselling. Sometimes kids aren’t to the age that they can reads clocks yet. They would be be getting antsy, looking at the clock saying “How much longer do we have?” .  Bringing in the color from the Timeqube makes more fun to the kids. So they go: “Oh, halfway done!”. It makes parents enjoy the hour too.

Also when I meet 1:1 with an adult client, sometimes the conversation can get pretty heavy and intense. I don’t want to break eye contact with the client by looking at the clock. Being able to see in the corner of my eye where we are in the session helps me be able to keep eye contact.

banerek timeqube min

Whom would you recommend Timeqube?

I’d recommend it to other therapists. I do have clients who come in to my office and they’re curious about the Timeqube. And they say “Oh I should get that for my yoga practice or my massage practice”. Anyone who’s working in those 1 hour segments with their clients and businesses. There it can be very helpful.

Thanks Lissa!