Timeqube Mind

World’s first stress-free timer for psychotherapy designed together with therapists. PREORDER OPEN!

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About Timeqube Mind

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My name is Andrzej Dobrucki and I’m the creator of Timeqube, a mindful timer for business meetings and presentations. It’s a very simple concept based on colors only, that allows to time meetings totally stress-free. Timeqube doesn’t ring and uses only the intuitive color sequence we’re all used to – the traffic lights. When put on the side of a meeting table it gently keeps participants aware of passing time.

Timeqube has already solved the problem of stressful clocks, alarms and other regular timing devices for more than 100 companies worldwide.

Timeqube Mind is an evolution of Timeqube made specially for psychotherapists working with their patients. I’ve consulted over 60 professional therapists in Poland to find out how therapy sessions can be timed in a less stressful way. Based on my own experience (I have just finished an yearlong therapy myself) and the voices of actual therapists, we created a device with time programs and colors made specifically for the psychotherapy setting.

Benefits of Timeqube Mind

  • Stress-free timing thanks to gentle colors while activating human peripheral vision
  • Five color-variants selected by therapists
  • Default 50 minute session with 5 more settings available, made specifically for therapy sessions worldwide
  • The last color phase before time is up lasts exactly 5 minutes allowing therapist to start closing the session on time
  • Intuitive interface through pressing the cube
  • Looks great in any therapy room



  • 6 universal presets for therapy sessions :15, 30, 45, 50, 60, 90
  • bright but not too bright to fit in a typical therapy room (Light is subtler than original Timeqube)
  • high quality 2.5mm polymethyl metacrylate casing
  • the TAP : Press to start, Press again to reset
  • beautifully smooth colour transitions
  • 75 mm x 75 mm x 75 mm in size
  • durable USB-C  charging
  • ~ 20 h battery life (constant glowing)
  • passionately made and assembled in Poland 🇵🇱



Seeing overwhelmingly positive reception of our original Timeqube, we’re starting to take pre-orders for Timeqube Mind.


Color variants

Every Timeqube has 4 consecutive color transitions : 1️⃣ a lot of time left 2️⃣ halfway there,  3️⃣ closing the session – 5 minutes until the end  4️⃣ time’s up

The color variants have been selected by therapists and intend to provide mindful time awareness while remaining stress-free.

MIND CLASSIC 1️⃣ green  → 2️⃣ orange → 3️⃣ red → 4️⃣ red pulsates gently
1️⃣ teal → 2️⃣ yellow → 3️⃣ orange → 4️⃣ orange pulsates gently
MIND CALM : 1️⃣ teal → 2️⃣ yellow → 3️⃣ orange →  4️⃣ violet pulsates gently
MIND FOREST 1️⃣ light green → 2️⃣ darker green  → 3️⃣ teal 4️⃣ teal pulsates gently
MIND SKY 1️⃣ light blue → 2️⃣ blue → 3️⃣ navy blue → 4️⃣ navy blue pulsates gently

Make sure to select the right variant when placing a pre-order.



Timequbes are manufactured in Poland in limited batches, mostly according to received orders. Our manufacturing model aims at leaving low eco footprint as we do not need to keep large inventory stock.

To develop and manufacture the pre-order Timequbes we need around 3 months (counted from Jun the 1st), so we would be shipping around end of August, right in time for the Fall Blues!


Project Progress

We will be sending an update email once in 2-3 weeks.


Are you ready to be one of the first therapists in the world to use stress-free timing with their patients?



Write me directly at [email protected]
We’re available in Warsaw, Wework Labs at Krucza 50 in case you’re up for a cup of coffee .

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