Using timers for personal productivity

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Written by Mikolaj Skubina

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The use of timers for personal productivity can make a huge difference in the kind of results you get, and also influence your promotion at work.

Each day contains 24 hours but only a fraction of the total time of the day is usually spent doing something productive.

Daily tasks are overwhelming and stressful. This is why it is necessary to have a time management system to develop personal productivity.

There are many different methods of personal productivity, but this article will highlight two of them.



Pomodoro technique was invented in the late 1980s by a productive guru named Francesco Cirillo.

Practicing the Pomodoro time management system is simple.

How to use Pomodoro for Personal Productivity

Decide on the tasks that need to be done. Select them based on the order of priority. The selected tasks are called “Pomodoros”.

Schedule 25 mins for each Pomodoro. To avoid distraction during the time you are executing these tasks, use a timeboxing timer like Timeqube. The timer lights are well designed to suit the human mood. 

For the first four tasks, take a 3-5 minutes break. If you are using Timeqube, the light technology behind the device will stimulate you to get up and refresh.

After the first four Pomodoros, there should be 15-30 minutes break intervals between the remainder of the tasks. Timeqube timer is competent to handle such duration and when it is time to get up from your seat for a break, the device will alert you without making any sound that might disturb people around.

Check off successive tasks after completion as a form of complement to yourself.


Don’t Break the Chain

This method of productivity inspired by Jerry Seinfield is most effective for people working in a creative industry. 

The technique is more focused on helping you build a habit. And you know that building a habit is not easy.

This is why the first step to efficiently use the ‘Don’t Break the Chain’ is by setting achievable tasks/goals for yourself.

Sometimes, we are tempted to think we can change some things overnight.

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How to Use the Don’t Break the Chain rule for Personal Productivity


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