Best productivity software 2021

Written by Trisha Bhullar


2021 is here and chances are, you’re already back to work! Why not start your working year off on the right foot? This guide will cover some of the best productivity software for 2021 to help you up your efficiency game.

#1 Slack

If you haven’t heard of Slack yet, you must have slept through the entire of 2020! Slack is one of the most prominent project management apps out there which aids internal communications. You can have multiple groups for different teams, works vs play chats and even send fun emojis to make those “Happy Monday” posts more exciting. If Slack isn’t your cup of tea, you can try a similar project management app like Microsoft Teams to aid your internal communications. These apps not only keep you in touch with your colleagues, but also reduces the chances of time-wasting miscommunications.

#2 Evernote

Having trouble sharing slides or meeting minutes? Evernote could be a great help to you and your team. You can take pictures, save notes, scan texts, and share these pages with your crew. This way, you’ll have a centralised means of note-taking and keeping track of important ideas. Also, it’s a great way to keep everyone in the team up-to-speed on the latest company developments. If you work in a firm with international colleagues, this is another handy tool to keep your peers in the loop when they can’t attend meetings due to time zone differences. It’s only when everyone’s on the same page that you can be the most productive at work!

#3 Trello

Trello is a project management app that helps your team conceptualise, plan, and execute a project together even if you’re working remotely. This software allows you to create a customised board where you can create checklists, add attachments, note down tasks, assign cards, and more. Touted as one of the best tools for creative collaboration, Trello will come in especially handy for teams with multiple members working on the same task together. This way, you won’t be hindered by technology when you try to organise and embark on a new project at work.

banerek timeqube min

#4 Timeqube

Nothing screams productivity like a good timer software. Regardless of how seamlessly your team works together, your productivity can still be best boosted with good old time management. Whether you’re using the Pomodoro or Two Minute Rule, time management methods help you stay on top of your tasks. Timeqube offers a software to help you utilise whichever time management technique you want. It’s a colorful cube that sits at the bottom of your desktop, changing colors to indicate the passing of time. Instead of blaring alarms or stressful countdowns, you’ll be unobtrusively reminded of the change in time. Timeqube therefore not only helps you stay productive, but also does so in a mindful, calming manner. And hey, being calm is a whole other productivity perk in itself.

If software and apps aren’t your thing, you could also opt for a physical Timeqube. It works just as an online Timeqube does. This means you get to enjoy an additional benefit—besides having a more productive 2021, you’ll have a fun new piece of office furniture sitting on your desk, being both calming, visually-appealing, and a fun conversation starter. Now, that’s a good way to kick off a new year at work!