Introducing: Timeqube Online

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Written by Trisha Bhullar


Teams around the world have video-conferenced more in the past few months than they have their entire careers. Taking meetings, presentations and project discussions online has been a gamechanger. As a result, teams have had to make huge changes to how they work. But it’s not just teams that are changing. We’re seeing a new era of digital project management tools emerge, tools that make online meetings more productive and useful. In line with these developments, we’re launching Timeqube Online — an online time management tool for teams.

How does Timeqube Online work?

Timeqube Online is a digital version of a Timeqube — a mindful time management tool that indicates the passing of time with a gentle change in color. Timeqube Online brings the benefits of time tracking to your online meetings and conferences, allowing you to practice time management techniques while working from home. From timeboxing to the Pomodoro technique, pick a time management technique and share it with your team using Timeqube Online.

What do you stand to gain?

Scientific benefits

A Timeqube acts as an unobtrusive time management tool, using color to help you stay on track with your discussions. As a desktop app, Timeqube Online exists as a colored cube at the corner of your computer. Instead of constantly having to check on your timer or being interrupted by a blaring alarm, Timequbes are silent, effective time tracking tools. The human brain leverages on your peripheral vision to detect changes in color. As a result, you can recognise the passing of time subconsciously, in a totally stress-free manner.

Keep your team on track

Timeqube Online comes as a desktop app that you may control remotely. As a result, you can manage an unlimited number of timers with one click and share them with your team. Everyone can thus stay on track together, pushing each other to be more productive.

Open mic for attendees

Keep everyone in your team engaged with Timeqube’s Grant Voice feature. Organisers can grant time-bound talk time to each participant, thus allowing for productive sharing and engagement across team members. This way, you can get input from your team while keeping the conversation on track.

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Widely compatible with popular video conferencing software

From Zoom to Microsoft Teams, Timeqube Online is compatible with a wide array of online conferencing software. Consequently, this means you can use a Timeqube with an interface your team is already comfortable with. Waste no time with software switches and integrate a Timeqube with your current conferencing software today.

Easy to implement

The best part about Timeqube Online is how easy it is to implement. Sign up for a 15-minute demo here and learn the ins and outs to get started. That’s all it takes. Say goodbye to complicated timer tools and hello to a Timeqube.

Get started today

A Timeqube hones our natural ability to process colors in order to help teams stay on track. With Timeqube Online, you stand to enjoy the benefits of a Timeqube from the comforts of your home. Working from home, and conferencing from home, has never been easier. Get started with Timeqube Online today!