Work from home mindfulness during the holiday season

work from home mindfulness during the holidays season
Written by Trisha Bhullar

work from home mindfulness during the holidays season

Here at Timeqube, we’ve covered plenty of work from home tips in our previous articles, but working from home during the holiday season is a whole other challenge. Today, we’ll help you navigate work from home mindfulness during the holiday season.

How does mindfulness help me with working from home?

Mindfulness is an important tool that not only keeps you productive but also helps you stay happy while working from home. There is a range of mindfulness techniques for you to choose from, from meditation to special yoga exercises. These different methods of mindfulness achieve different results that tackle niche work from home challenges. For example, people find that they get distracted easily while working from home. In this case, mindfulness, in the form of meditation, could be a great way to help you get back on track.

The big challenge: work from home during the holiday season

While most of us might already be accustomed to working from home, working from home during the holiday season comes with a fresh set of obstacles. Needless to say, this holiday season is one we’ve never experienced before. Gift shopping, secret santas, and thanksgiving dinners might take a different form for you. Regardless, the holiday cheer is resilient. Plenty of friends and family will gather online to make this holiday season an unforgettable one. But how should you work from home when festivities and work blend into one?

Work from home mindfulness tips during the holiday season

#1 Separate your workspace and festivities space

It can be a bit confusing wrapping up your workday in one Zoom meeting and logging into an early Christmas celebration on another. Being human, you might it difficult to switch from holiday festivities to a productive work mindset. That’s why having separate spaces is so important. While you might take meetings in your dedicated study area, take more informal and festive calls in your dining room instead. This change of scenery could definitely liven up your festivities while maintaining the exclusivity of your work area.

#2 Say no to your mobile phone

The holiday season means more texts on your phone—whether it’s your eager friends setting up a virtual dinner or your parents wishing you well. Yet, there’s always a place and time to socialise. By keeping your phone away from your workspace, you can wholly direct your attention to your current task at hand. This is exactly what mindfulness is all about: being present, and giving your all to the current moment. You can always chat with your friends over lunch!

#3 Take some time for yourself

While you spend most of your day interacting with colleagues to get projects finished, the holiday season adds a new dimension to this work from home experience. You might now find yourself spending time with even more people, from close friends to a whole extended family. Remember to take some time for yourself, whether it’s daily mindful meditations or taking quick mindful walks. This small space of time you carve out for yourself is sacred, and could go a long way in improving your happiness during this holiday season.

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