Remote Wednesdays: Productivity tips for working from home

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Written by Trisha Bhullar

black pen near iphone and apple magic keyboard 934062

I’m sure we’ve all worked from home before, but working from home for an extended time period can affect productivity if not done properly. Let’s take a look at productivity tips for working from home, to tide you through this difficult period.


WFH Productivity Tip #1: Meal and snack prep 

It might be a surprise but one of the biggest distractions when working from home is food! Your favourite snacks are stocked up in a nearby fridge, mere steps away from where you work. Constant snack breaks and irregular lunch schedules not only affect your health but also significantly reduce productivity. Time is spent thinking about snacks, minutes are wasted on searching through the fridge for your favourite bites, and lunch hour could drag from 1 to 2 hours. 

To avoid this, create a fixed meal schedule. If you haven’t already, stock your fridge up with healthy brain food and prep your meals in advance as though preparing for a day at work. This routine is an indication to your body on which hours are for rest, and which are for work.


WFH  Productivity Tip #2: Schedule your time well

Transitioning to a work from home lifestyle can be challenging because it involves a completely new routine which mixes work and personal life. Spend some time creating a new schedule and allocate different times of the day for different needs. For instance, the time you once spent on commuting can now be spent with family, or on meal prep. Lunch breaks can be with loved ones while evening yoga sessions on Skype can be used to bond with your teammates from work. Get creative with it and have fun! Take this as an opportunity to manage your time well, boost your productivity and keep spirits up.

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WFH  Productivity Tip #3: Be kind to yourself

This is a challenging period, but we’re all in this together. Avoid overwhelming yourself or being too demanding as this additional emotional stress will only serve to hinder your productivity. 

Schedule time to take breaks, be patient when your kids interrupt your working hours and know when to “clock out” of work. Shaping your activities around time will keep you on track and help you balance these various activities without feeling overwhelmed. A great way to do this is by using unobtrusive mindfulness tools, like a Timeqube. It is a timer that indicates the passing of time through colour, thus keeping you on track in a stress-free manner. 


Be positive!

Ultimately, productivity in this time will stem from your emotions. Be kind, be patient and be positive about the situation at hand. For more WFH productivity tips and tricks, check out the Suddenly Remote Playbook from the world’s largest fully remote company.