Top 5 Benefits of Virtual Therapy

virtual therapy
Written by Trisha Bhullar

virtual therapy

People tend to have mixed feelings about virtual therapy. Some people assume that it’ll be awkward and ineffective – but this overlooks the hundreds of pros that come about when you give it a go. Today, we’ll take a closer look at the top 5 benefits of virtual therapy.

What exactly is virtual therapy?

Due to the pandemic, most people would rather stay at home instead of travel to their therapist’s office. But mental health is a huge concern that can’t be neglected. This led to the rise of virtual therapy: therapy sessions conducted online over video call platforms like Skype or Zoom. While this concept might seem awkward and disconnected, there are actually plenty of benefits when it comes to virtual therapy.

#1 Convenience

Virtual therapy is wonderfully convenient. Instead of setting aside time to travel to your therapist’s office (and getting stuck in traffic), you can roll out of bed and have your therapy session from home. This convenience could encourage you to have more frequent therapy sessions — which in turn is amazing for your long-term mental health.

#2 Accessibility

For some people, a therapist’s office is more than a 20-minute drive away. People living in more remote regions might not have access to an in-person therapist and travelling the distance is often a huge deterrence. With virtual therapy, people who once needed therapy now have access to it. In fact, this transition to therapy online has made mental health services more accessible than ever!

#3 More Effective Sessions

People who dislike therapy often cite a therapist’s office as a huge factor. Some therapist offices tend to feel cold, clinical and aloof. This discourages them from opening up. In contrast to this, having therapy in the comforts of your home could make you more at ease and willing to open up. As a result, your therapy sessions might be more effective than ever.

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#4 Less Awkward Interactions

Another huge issue with in-person therapy is the awkwardness associated with going to a therapist’s office. There’s the discomfort of sitting in a waiting room with other patients, for example. But with virtual therapy, you can skip the discomfort and access your therapy sessions with the click of a button.

#5 Better Communication

With online therapy, you can enjoy better communication by introducing tools to improve your therapy experience. A Timeqube, for example, is a mindful desktop timer that changes colour with the passing of time. It improves your therapy experience so that you and your therapist can tactfully guide the conversation with the passing of time. These simple, seamless tools are a great way to boost your virtual therapy experience.

At the end of the day, virtual therapy provides an immense opportunity for people around the world. It’s made mental health more accessible and respected than ever. But ultimately, your takeaways from virtual therapy will depend on you. This means that you have to take initiative and truly immerse in the experience in order to enjoy the 5 benefits we’ve mentioned today. A good first start is simply the willingness to give it a go!