Helping your kids with remote school this fall

Written by Trisha Bhullar


Being a teen and going to school is already tough as it is, but now, there’s the added stress of having classes online. As a parent, here are some important ways you can help your kids acclimatise to remote school.

Tips to ace remote school

#1 Help them plan their time well

Teens often don’t have the discipline to plan their time. This could result in them multitasking, losing focus or even forgetting to do important school work.  This is all the more important with remote schools. As teens spend most of their time at home, that means more time surrounded by distractions like televisions, laptop, gaming consoles and mobile phones. As a parent, you should encourage your teen to plan their time well. Teens particularly love online planners, or customisable planner apps on their phones. These are great choices to help them be productive in a manner they’ll enjoy.

#2 Eliminate distractions

As mentioned, there are plenty of distractions that could get in the way while your child has remote school. To minimise disruptions, give them a proper place to sit through lessons. This means a room with a proper desk that isn’t near their bed, television or gaming sets. Additionally, try minimising surrounding noise when they’re having lessons such as taking pets out of the room or even removing yourself from the premises for an hour or so.

#3 Teach them time management techniques

Besides teaching your teens to manage their schedule, they could benefit from a whole range of productivity techniques while attending remote school. For example, you could teach your teen about the Pomodoro Technique, Zen To Done Rule or Time Batching technique. Try doing this in a manner that will appeal to them. This means sending them informational Youtube videos or Instagram clips that show “hacks” to increase their productivity. Besides this, you could send them Tik Tok hacks that could genuinely interest them.

banerek timeqube min

#4 Treat it like the real deal

While remote school might on-paper be regular classes, in reality, it definitely does not feel like a regular day at school. This could psychologically influence your child to pay less attention or focus less during remote school. As a parent, you should encourage your kids to treat remote school like the real deal. As a result, this involves getting dressed, waking up on time and of course, attending all classes. Encourage your teen to get dressed in the morning — whether it’s brushing his hair or wearing a nice, school-appropriate top. This could go a long way in helping them re-orient and focus better.

#5 Use handy productivity tools to ace remote learning

Teens love the latest gadgets and tools, so why not use these same gadgets to get them excited about remote school? A Timeqube, for example, is a cube-shaped timer that changes colour with the passing of time. It’s the perfect tool to get your child excited about time management and can be used anytime, anywhere. In fact, Timeqube has just introduced Timeqube Online, an online version of a Timeqube that your child can use — whether it’s to schedule breaks or time group discussions in class. It’s a simple, seamless tool that goes miles in improving your productivity.