Starting 2021 the right way!

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Written by Trisha Bhullar

pexels karolina grabowska 5716815

New year new you? That’s what we all say! How should you go about starting 2021 the right way? Read on to learn how you can consolidate your goals, as well as work towards becoming more productive and mindful this year.

Looking back on 2020

Hey, 2020 was rough—but that’s not on you. Look back on your 2020 with kindness and see what you can take away from the experience. What did you do well in 2020? Did you try a new stay-home fitness routine? Did you pick up a skill like cooking or journalling? These are great takeaway experiences that you should bring into your 2021 lifestyle.

Hmm, now let’s look at the not-so-goods. Assess some of the bad habits that you picked up or brought into 2020. Some of these may have been way out of your control. Others, however, could be bad habits that have persisted throughout time. It’s time to be honest with yourself. Why are you holding on to these habits and how can you shake them? Outline the habits you want to change and create an action plan for the best results.

Starting 2021 the right way

How can you go into 2021 with your best foot forward? Check out these tips to get started.

#1 Planning your goals

Here at Timeqube, we always value planning beforehand. It’s one of the biggest ways to be productive, stay organized, and achieve your goals. That’s why planning New Years Resolutions is so important. Clearly outline your goals for the year and break them down into their respective categories: finances, personal life, career, etc. Next, under each category, quantify your goal. If you’re looking to save for a car, break down how much you expect to save each month. If you want to hit that new fitness milestone, tell yourself you’ll work out a certain number of times each week. Quantifying your goals is one of the best ways to help you stay accountable. Oh, and don’t forget to set a timeline! Without a timeline, you could drag these goals on to the year 2031! To avoid this, remember to plan your monthly milestones and check in on your accomplishments frequently.

#2 Get an accountability buddy

Speaking of accountability, let’s talk about collaborating on accountability. Sticking to your 2021 goals can be pretty tough—which is why having a friend could be a great help. Find a friend who is as motivated as you (or more!) to stick to yearly goals. Create a system where you update each other on your progress, and don’t be afraid to push each other to the limit.

#3 Prioritize what matters

Take some time to think through what should really matter to you this year? Do luxury and extravagance really take precedence? The pandemic has changed our perspectives on what’s important—so maybe in 2021, you should start prioritizing your wellness, relationships, and personal productivity. Consider what these goals mean to you and how you can go about achieving them. Should you start searching for a new productivity technique to fit your new lifestyle? Why not pick up yoga and meditation? And while you’re at it, rope in some friends! Make 2021 a year that truly matters.

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