How to make productive New Years Resolutions

Written by Trisha Bhullar


2020 is almost over, and I’m sure that’s a relief for most of us. But a new year comes with a new set of responsibilities—in the form of a New Years Resolution. Follow these tips and learn how to make productive New Years Resolutions (that you’ll actually stick to!)

What are productive New Years Resolutions?

Everyone goes into the New Year wanting to be a better version of themselves—like being more productive. In fact, becoming more productive is one of the top New Years Resolutions (besides weight or wealth-related goals!) Even within the category of productivity, there is a broad range of goals people set for themselves. Some hope for milder productivity, while others aim for the stars. Yet, not everyone succeeds in sticking to their productive New Years Resolutions. What should you do in order to stick to your productive New Years Resolutions?

Tips to help you stick to productive New Years Resolutions

#1 Get specific with your goals

Have you heard of someone losing weight just because they planned to “lose weight’? Probably not! Accomplishing a big goal, like becoming fitter or becoming more productive, takes specific action. With such a big and scary goal, you’re unlikely to work towards it unless you have smaller, concrete milestones. That’s why you should make your productive New Years Resolution as specific as possible. Try “bullet journalling once a day” or “practicing the Pomodoro technique at work” instead of merely wishing for “a productive 2021.”

#2 Pick the right productive New Years Resolution for you

Sometimes, people abandon their New Years Resolutions because they might just not be the right goals for you. For instance, there are so many ways one can be productive: you could try meditating, pick up a new exercise routine, or try a fun new productivity tool. How should you pick the best productivity method for you? First, relate your goal to your life experiences. Why are you trying to be more productive? Have you found yourself falling behind at work? Is it to help you avoid stress from overplanning your day? Or is it more so because you cannot balance your different commitments? Each of these causes come with different solutions. Distractions require discipline methods like timed work sessions. On the other hand, overcommitment and stress would require solutions like meditation. Use these factors to decide which productivity technique you should set as your productive New Years Resolution.

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#3 Be realistic with your goals

Another huge reason why people don’t stick to their goals is that they’re too extreme. So don’t go hoping that you’ll be able to wake up at 4 am and become the most productive person out there. Instead, start small and choose realistic milestones. For example, commit to meditating a certain number of times each day. Alternatively, you should aim to try a new productivity method each month for the rest of the year.

 #4 Use a productivity tool to help

Need a little boost to help you stick to your productive New Year Resolutions? Try using a productivity tool like a Timeqube. A Timeqube is a cube-shaped timer that indicates the passing of time by changing colors. It’s easy to use, non-distracting, and a fun piece to have at home or in the office. It’s also a great way to help you stay productive, ultimately helping you stick to your productive New Years Resolutions.