Remote Wednesdays: Productivity Tips From Tech Titans

Written by Trisha Bhullar


What does Jeff Bezos have to say about productivity? Does Elon Musk have a secret tip to efficient work? Today’s Remote Wednesdays edition explores the best productivity tips from tech titans that you can practise today.

The Top 5 Tech Titan Productivity Tips

#1 Revamp Meetings like Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, singles out meetings as one of the biggest time drainers at work. Whether it’s streamlining company-wide updates or improving small-scale team meet-ups, changing how you tackle meetings could significantly enhance your productivity. In fact, tech titan Jack Dorsey himself prefers to have meetings on Google Documents. He likes having his team spend 10 minutes reading the meeting agenda, commenting directly on the document with queries, and moving forward together with a shared understanding. This eliminates unnecessary introductions and any confusions from the get-go. It’s a huge time-saver and productivity-booster.

#2 Make quick decisions like Jeff Bezos

Running an international e-commerce giant means that tech titan Jeff Bezos doesn’t have time to mule around. For him, productivity is king. This means streamlining processes like decision-making. Jeff Bezos encourages quick decision-making for completing tasks efficiently. If you make the right decision quickly, that’s great. If you make a wrong decision, then correct it even quicker. It’s ultimately about being mentally agile in dealing with tasks and pushing projects forward.

#3 Learn to prioritise like Steve Jobs

What happens when you have tonnes of ideas being thrown around during a meeting? This situation probably isn’t unfamiliar to you, and often involves many ideas floating in the air with no conclusion being made. Steve Jobs avoids this by encouraging employees to pick the best idea and say no to others. Commit yourself to one idea and give your all to it. If not, distractions are endless and this would only dilute the quality of your work.

#4 Say no to meetings like Elon Musk

Jack Dorsey isn’t the only tech titan with a disdain for meetings. Elon Musk himself prefers to avoid meetings as much as he can. Meetings require a whole lot of coordination. Additionally, most team members end up abandoning their individual tasks for a meeting involving information they could have received over email. Meetings should only be held for essential matters, or if they add significant value that cannot be offered through online dissemination.

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#5 Practise Mindfulness like Bill Gates

Steve Jobs has been one of the most vocal tech titans who practise meditation, but Bill Gates is no different. From Arianna Huffington to Jack Dorsey, tech titans all over the world have espoused the benefits of mindfulness. In fact, Bill Gates suggests meditating 2-3 times each week to clear the mind and reset the body. Such a practise encourages focus, awareness and productivity. Besides this, mindfulness opens the doors to better mind-body balance, boosting both cognitive function and emotional wellbeing.

Productivity starts with you

Say no to unnecessary meetings, incorporate mindfulness into your life, make quick decisions … these tips sound completely manageable! All it takes is perseverance and commitment. At the end of the day, productivity starts with you. Ultimately, you can easily boost your productivity by incorporating these tips into your daily routine.