3 mindful workouts for 2022

Written by Trisha Bhullar


Almost 60% of people have fitness as their top New Years’ resolution — but why not combine your goal of fitness with your aim to be more mindful? Let’s explore 3 mindful workouts for 2022.

What is a mindful workout?

Mindful workouts combine the benefits of exercising and mindfulness. The exercises not only improve your physical health by encouraging you to get active but also help you practice mindfulness on the go. The benefits of mindfulness are plentiful — you could find yourself in a better mood, reduce stress, become calmer, and ultimately improve your mental health. People have the misconception that mindfulness and workouts are extremely time-consuming. In reality, however, you can combine both of these important activities for a short but effective mindful workout to reap the benefits of both.

3 mindful workouts of 2022

Mindful runs

A lot of people are huge fans of running because cardio is an effective way to burn fat. Running, in particular, encourages people to get outdoors and get their blood flowing. Running is a low-equipment activity that almost anyone can do anywhere. It’s super accessible and effective in getting your endorphins pumping as well. So why not introduce mindfulness to the mix to enjoy both physical and emotional benefits? Mindful running is easy to practice – instead of drowning out your thoughts with music while running, embrace your thoughts throughout your workout. Use your workout as an opportunity to enter your headspace — listen to your thoughts objectively, enjoy the present moment, and reflect on the world around you. This way, you’ll be sure to end your run feeling and looking great!

Dynamic stretching

If you’re looking for a non-cardio mindful workout, you can give dynamic stretching a go. Dynamic stretching is a type of stretching that improves your posture, flexibility, and overall mobility. It’s best for desk-bound office workers who need a good break from work to give their muscles a breather. You can rotate through a few key stretches for just 20 minutes every day — and incorporate mindfulness into this routine by having quiet reflection throughout your stretches. Breathe deeply, take a moment to enjoy the present, and stay in the now without getting distracted. This mindful workout will leave you feeling more relaxed both physically and emotionally.

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Body scanning

Body scanning in itself isn’t a workout — rather, it’s a pre-workout mindful routine that you can use regardless of which exercises you like, from cycling and swimming to lifting weights and running. Here’s how body scanning works: sit down somewhere quiet 10 minutes before your workout. Close your eyes, slow your breathing, and slowly trace your thoughts. Mentally scan your body from head to toe, trying to feel each muscle and limb. Consider how you’re feeling if there’s any soreness or any stiffness. This is a great way to stay in touch with your body and also identify any areas that need more care before a workout. You’ll leave this exercise feeling refreshed and with more clarity.

Mindful workouts are easy to do and quick to incorporate into your lifestyle. And with mindful timers like a Timeqube, you can time your mindful workouts and limit them to say 15 minutes a day. Just a little each time goes a long way to helping you become healthier and happier!