Mindful Mondays: Creating a meditation space at home

Written by Trisha Bhullar


Meditation isn’t all that difficult, but finding a distraction-free zone to meditate could be a big problem! Our homes are chock-full of distractions, from loud living rooms to stressful work areas. Here’s our guide to creating the perfect meditation space at home. 


#1 Pick a fixed meditation spot

Although the convenience of “meditation on-the-go” is appealing, meditating in a different location every day could present a new set of distractions each time. It’s more of a hassle when you have to scour for the perfect meditation spot each day. Instead, pick a spot and stick to it. This not only makes meditating more convenient for you but also subconsciously reminds your body to enter a distraction-free zone once you’re in that space. Besides this, having a fixed meditation space is a gentle signpost to your family members not to distract you while you’re in that area doing meditation. 


#2 De-clutter and de-stress

The meditation space you’ve chosen shouldn’t be haphazard and messy — this will only add on to distractions and could potentially be frustrating to you while you meditate. Additionally, the space you’ve picked shouldn’t remind you of stress and work. You should thus avoid places like your work desk or study room. 


#3 Incorporate comfort

Who wants an uncomfortable meditation space? Exactly! Meditation is a lifestyle that can only come with daily habits and routines. In order to stick to such a routine, it’s important to create a meditation space that makes you want to meditate. This means a comfortable, cozy area where you can feel secure and relaxed. For example, use comfy pillows to prop yourself up while meditating on your bed, or sit on your favourite fur rug if on the floor. 

banerek timeqube min

#4 Make your meditation space yours

The more ownership you have over your meditation space, the more likely you’ll use it often. It’s kind of like a mini home in a home, so be sure to personalise it as you wish. Add art pieces, incorporate nature and potted plants, or light some scented candles to make it feel more homely. This not only makes you proud of your meditation space but also helps you relax and get focused quicker. Alternatively, if you love colour, incorporate mindful tools like a Timeqube into your space. 


#5 Natural lighting does wonders

There’s nothing worse than a doom and gloom meditation space. At best, you’ll fall asleep while meditating and at worst, you could end up feeling glum while meditating. Always pick a location that’s fresh, with an atmosphere that makes you feel happy and refreshed. This could involve meditating outdoors, or meditating in a room with natural lighting. 


Try it today!

Nothing makes meditation more enjoyable than creating a personalised meditation space. Have some fun with it and give it a go today!