Become an Official Timeqube™ Reseller (OTR)

Are you a reselling / distribution company that would like to sell Timeqube™ and Timeqube Mind™ products? We are looking forward to partnering with you.

Service & Quality

Timeqube combines a top quality product line with customer return ratio lower than 0.1%.  We also pride on being flexible in terms of manufacturing and delivery so that us as a manufacturer and you as a reseller can thrive on the market.

We offer 100 days money return guarantee to all customers including yours. We can do this because we already know 99% of our customers are going to be perfectly happy with their Timequbes.

Fulfillment Capabilities

  • Most orders are completely fulfilled for shipment within a single working week
  • All products are available for bulk shipment.
  • All products are packaged for retail sales
  • Ability to customize products based on customer needs (time presets, additional branding on the back)
  • Customer support available for reseller and retail
  • Marketing materials and images for advertising are available.
  • All products are shipped with instructions.
  • Standard payment terms apply

Apply Now

If you would like to become a new distributor of the Timeqube, please drop us an email at [email protected]