Fighting cancer together

Written by Andy

It’s really clear that the most precious resource all have is time
– Steve Jobs

At Timeqube, having a share in solving The Meeting Problem is our humble contribution to tackle one meaningful issue. Wasteful, unproductive meetings haunt businesses worldwide. They also lead to tremendous waste in money and time, impeding employees’ both physical and mental health.

But humanity has many more dire problems to face in the XXI century.
We all owe the planet and we all owe humanity.

For the sake of future generations, it’s not an option anymore: businesses should include social impact in their business models.

Since the beginning of the project, we dreamt a business model that would include helping others.

With the first batches of Timequbes sold we are donating 3% of net profit to a cause, we believe is right – fighting cancer. The disease in its various forms and mutations has taken many great individuals of our time and still remains widely unbeaten. Cancer takes away one of the most precious asset we humans have – time.

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At the moment we’re evaluating organisations researching cancer to decide where the donations would go. There are several criteria to consider regarding how much money goes into advertised programs, overhead and operations.

We’ll update this page once target organisation has been carefully selected. This way you will know,  which particular cancer research program you have fuelled by purchasing Timeqube.


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