Timeqube Online Intro

Latest Release
0.7.0 Nandoo

Next Release Date
June 7

Let’s get to it!

I’m assuming you will be the organiser for the meetings with Timeqube Online, so here’s what you need to do:

1. Sign Up

Go to Signup Page and register – here you will receive your fixed Timeqube Room ID.

2. Invite Participants

Invite your meeting participants with the big green INVITE Button. You can add multiple emails. We’ll send a beautiful email with your room ID and a link to sign up.

3. Download our beautiful app

All participants need the desktop app (including organisers). Get it from the Downloads section.

4. Everyone connects!

Everyone connects to your room ID (received in the invitation) so you can control all individual Timequbes.

Useful hint: Use smart minimize icon on the Desktop App to hide the Timeqube. It will get back automatically if an organiser starts the meeting in the room you’re connected to.