Timeqube Online Beta

Practical & Beautiful On-line Timer For Remote Team Meetings.

The world of business is moving towards remote work. If you liked the Timeqube, you will love Timeqube Online.
Building Time Awareness during online meetings and presentations has never been easier.

  • Build Time Awareness from minute 1. Stress-free.
  • Perfect during meetings and presentations
  • Great for individual productivity
timeqube app meeting timer

Timeqube on everyone’s screen. In full sync.

Same concept gone digital. Timeqube App will float above all other apps to gently remind you of remaining time.

  • Meeting organiser will start all individual Timequbes in sync.
  • Move Timeqube Icon freely on the screen.
  • It’s partial transparency will still let you see what’s behind

Grant Voice Feature

Organisers can grant timeboxed open mic time to a connected meeting participant. All others will be notified.

  • Keep introverts in the loop
  • Do rounds with the team asking everyone’s input
  • Remaining talk time visualised as the inner circle

Fully Customizable Times

Unlike the hardware Timeqube, in the online version you have total freedom to set meeting time.

Hide After Meeting

Hide Timeqube when not used. It will pop out automatically when organiser starts time-boxing.

Use Any Video Conferencing Software

Timeqube floats over your desktop no matter what software you’re using to have meetings or collaborate.

Test, Provide Feedback, Get 50% Off for 1 Year

We are in advanced alpha phase, aiming to deliver the mature solution by July 2020. Until then Timeqube Online is free to test. Provide feedback and get 50% off an annual plan when the application is officially launched.