Forget minutes and seconds

Why did you buy TimeQube?
I wanted a timer that would not distract me (e.g. with sounds) when working in deep work mode. I also wanted a non-invasive time measuring device to use while working with teams during various events. I did not want to use my phone for that or any other distracting device like computer or tablet.

How do you use it?
I use it personally for pomodoro-like sessions. Helps me in knowing how much time has passed without concentrating on the exact minutes or seconds that I have left.

I also use it on team meetings to not interrupt important conversations that may arise. I don’t need to worry about people not seeing the cube (like with a phone) or it making a loud noise in the middle of discussion.

During mentoring sessions as it helps me to know the time-frame while not distracting myself and the mentee from the conversation.

It’s also useful during meetups and workshops which I organise in keeping track of the time of each module that going through with the participants.

Own comment
I love that Timeqube is simple and let’s me focus on the taks at hand. Whether it’s my own focused work, a meeting with a team, a workshop or a mentoring session. I’d like to be able to customize it one day if the author decides to open it to the world.

Marcin Konkel, Agile Coach, Poland