Elegant yet simple solution

I am very satisfied with the final product your team has shipped. Previously, I had been using this gigantic clock called the “Time Timer” to keep track of time during meetings.

There are numerous problems with the Time Timer: it is very large and difficult to carry to meetings, it’s not well balanced and frequently falls over, and the clock face could not be seen by everyone sitting at a round table. The Timeqube addresses all of these issues wonderfully. It is small, easy to carry, and easy to store at my small desk. It looks good and can be easily seen from all angles. The charging indicator is easy to see. And finally, interacting with the device is very simple and easy. I also really, really appreciate the nice carrying case as well as the small laminated instruction card. I tend to laminate pieces of paper I know I will use frequently so having that card already laminated is a great detail. The Timeqube is a perfect combination of functional, well designed, and simple.

Do know that your team has done a wonderful job designing and producing this device. I am more than satisfied with the Timeqube I received and I am excited to share it with friends, family, and coworkers. Running effective meetings poses a lot of challenges, but the Timeqube provides an elegant yet simple solution to keeping track of time so that I can focus on the other elements of my meetings. I really appreciate the work your team has performed to bring this device to market.Charles

Magnusson, Returning Customer, United States