Amazing product executed brilliantly

Great idea and very helpful for self time management also, not just meetings.

Really great quality little device from a small company that have thought of the small details, it is packaged nicely and comes with a personalised note from the makers, they even plant a tree for each purchase which is a nice touch.

The Timeqube is my new best friend for time blocking my day, i use it in combination with a day planner to keep track of the time i have left of each of the jobs i want to get done, as a company director i have really come to realise how quickly time dissappears so this helps me to remember that i need to get on and get things done.

Plenty to preset time options to cover any situation and overall a great little device, highly recommended.

Would love to see a wearable version for using in the gym and on the move.

K.G.Collings / Customer / United Kindgdom