Agile Scrum Daily Stand-up Timer

Written by Andy

Timeqube has 2,5 and 15 minute programs engineered with Agile Scrum Daily Stand-ups in mind.

What is a Scrum Daily Standup?

An essential sync up meeting in both Scrum and Kanban methodologies. It is an agile ceremony held for the Development Team facilitated by the Scrum Master. The Product Owner and the stakeholders can participate in this meeting to answer the questions raised by the development team. This meeting takes place each day preferably at the same place, and typically held in the morning. The purpose of the Stand-up is to keep everyone on the same page.

Each team member is being required to answer 3 questions:

The daily stand-up should be considered an informal meeting and should be no longer than 15 minutes

Daily standups are becoming more and more popular for teams outside of Software Development Industry.

Why Time matters during Stand-ups

Daily stand-ups are meant to be short and general without diving deeper into problems. Running over time breaks momentum and impedes dynamics of the meeting.

As a physical object Timeqube can be used as a “totem” or “token” for the person who is sharing their current status. Holding a physical object this way keeps everyone engaged and time-aware.

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