Working From Home Tips With Attention Seeking Dogs

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Written by Grace Hawkins

For the working class, taking care of the pet was an uphill task. One had to train the pets to stay alone. From introducing automatic food dispensers to indoor potty training, it was not easy for dog owners. Moreover, people have to make arrangements for pet safety too. At times, people adjust their schedules so that the pets do not feel lonely for long.

However, in the current pandemic situation, many people are working from home. Though one gets to spend more time including pets, it takes time and effort to distinguish between play and work timings. Thus, it is essential to stick to a schedule. It is beneficial for the dogs, and the owners can concentrate on work. Follow the below tips to keep your dog happy and healthy while working from home.


1.   Create a Safe Doggy Zone

Like family members, dogs feel comfortable in a place meant exclusively for them. Dogs spend a good part of the daytime sleeping. Therefore, large dog beds are a must. Encourage and train the pet to sleep on its bed. Thus, when it feels like relaxing or sleeping, the pet knows the place to lay its head. The dog room can be enclosed and cozy. It gives them a den-like appearance. Also, ensure that the dog zone does not have electric cords, trash cans, glassware, cleaning solutions, etc. After a tiring game or a walk, the pet relaxes on the cozy bed without disturbing you. It is advisable to place some toys and treats nearby.


2.   Walks and Exercises

When people work from home, they do not have many physical activities. Therefore, some form of workouts become a necessity. When you have a dog at home, it is best to include it while exercising or going for a walk. Rather than going on the same trail, take different routes. Dogs tend to remember the path by smell, and various walking paths can exhaust them mentally. It makes them more tired, and it is likely to take rest for a longer time.

The amount of exercise that dog requires depends on its age and breed. You can try out different options like swimming, skating, and draft work. Also, go for indoor exercises like climbing up and down the stairs, treadmill workouts, game of tug, etc. These are beneficial both to the pet and the owner. It gives them quality time and increases the human-animal bond.

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3.   Use Interactive Food Stuffed Toys

When you are working at home and have meetings to attend, having a dog on the lap is not always preferable. Therefore, one has to look for ways to keep the pet entertained. Giving interactive toys filled with treats is one of the ways to keep the pet occupied. You can include commonly available food items like carrot, cooked rice, chicken, blueberries, etc., inside the kong toy. Take care of the required nutrients and make different recipes. You can use toys like Chew Dog Toys, ball puzzles and paw Toppl. For curious pets, try hiding the treats in their snuffle mats, behind the curtains, or doors. It creates an interest in the fussy eaters too. A good meal paves the way for bond-building and makes the pet obedient.

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4.   Keep The Pet Mentally Active

Dogs are predatory and one of the intelligent species of the animal kingdom. They have a powerful sense of smell and love to utilize it. Mental fatigue makes the pet tired, and it takes a long nap or relaxes on its bed without disturbing you. Thus, it becomes essential to play mental stimulation games with the pet dog. You can start with the fetch game, train them to respond to commands or actions, etc. Dogs love to follow scent trails and can gather related objects together. Therefore, scent games and hide-and-seek can make your dog happy and calm. Nowadays, dog gyms are also available where they teach agility movements to canine friends.

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5.   Do Not Hide From the Pet

Many people tend to create a home office and simulate office-like conditions. But, one cannot hide their presence while staying indoors. Dogs can easily detect you, remaining indoors, with their olfactory sense. Thus, create a targeted pet place close to your workspace but not in the same room. Always have different things to distract them, like a Nyla bone or a frozen stuffed kong. These things will keep the dog busy for at least half an hour and, by the time you can wrap up your meeting or urgent work. One can also utilize background noise cancellation devices during Zoom calls.


6.   Get a Doggy Friend

One way to avoid the loneliness and boredom of the pet at home is to bring another dog. It can be a puppy too. You will have to keep a close watch until they get along well. After a while, the pets tend to spend time together, and their attention-seeking behavior reduces.


Final Thoughts

Initially, pets do not understand that you have to work while staying at home. They might consider it as a long weekend. Therefore, take some time and train the dog to adapt to the new schedule. Teach good behaviors and be aware of signs of boredom such as chewing, excessive licking, frequent running, etc. The solution is to keep the dog engaged and increase the mental activities.


Grace Hawkins is an author and blogger