Remote Wednesdays: Tips to avoid WFH burnout

Written by Trisha Bhullar


For the majority of the working population, this period has been a weird transition to working from home. In fact, most of us probably haven’t spent this much time working at home since we graduated from school! Having a sudden change in our working environment can easily lead to exhaustion and a loss of motivation, so here are some of our favourite tips to avoid WFH burnout

Avoiding WFH Burnout Tip 1: Create a schedule and stick to it 

The biggest problem when it comes to working from home is a lack of clear segregation between work and personal hours. On one hand, some people overindulge in relaxation and social media, completely falling behind on work. On the other extreme, some people find it difficult to stop working and see their working hours bleed into personal time. This is a recipe for WFH burnout and a buildup of stress. Keeping to a strict schedule could prevent this! Stick to your daily working hours and take the effort to schedule relaxing, non-work activities in your day. 

Avoiding WFH Burnout Tip 2: Start the day with the most important tasks

Procrastination has always been a society-wide issue, but it gets even worse when you’re at home. There are countless avenues for distraction and relaxation that can take your mind away from important tasks at hand. By tackling the most urgent tasks first thing in the morning, you’ll feel more accomplished and less stressed throughout the rest of the day. This positive, productive mindset is key to avoiding WFH burnout. 

Avoiding WFH Burnout Tip 3: Get dressed for work

Working in your pyjamas isn’t the best idea. Although people believe such comfort and relaxation could boost productivity, this practice actually does the opposite. Working in your pyjamas promotes lethargy and makes it difficult for your mind to differentiate between working hours and relaxing hours. This could cause the hours and days to meld into a homogenous mix that can then feel exhausting and endless. Instead, try getting dressed for work and changing out of your work clothes once you’re done with your tasks for the day. We don’t mean a suit and tie — just proper clothing and maybe a good head of brushed hair! 

Avoiding WFH Burnout Tip 4: Stay fit and healthy

Interspersing your working hours with healthy food and exercise does wonders to your body and mind. It not only helps break the monotony of the day but also makes you feel amazing. Check out our guides to healthy eating and mindful exercises you can use to avoid WFH burnout.

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Avoiding WFH Burnout Tip 5: Keep it fresh and interesting

Staying at home for so long can put a general drag on your mood. Such unhappiness and boredom could definitely translate to WFH burnout. Keep your days fresh and exciting, by breaking up daily routines with interesting moments. Maybe try out a new lunch recipe, or introduce a fun family activity like Friday movie nights. Alternatively, you can use this quarantine period as an opportunity to achieve goals you’ve been putting off. Perhaps consider cooking your own meals, learning a new language, or committing to losing a couple of pounds. These non-work-related goals can add an element of excitement and happiness to your life as you work from home. This will ultimately keep you happy, motivated and thus less likely to burn out while working from home. 

Keep on keeping on!

It takes just a little effort to shake up your routine and inject energy into your working life. Pick the technique that interests you the most and give it a shot!