Is a Sustainable Office worth the effort?

three white ceramic pots with green leaf plants near open 796602 1 scaled
Written by Trisha Bhullar

three white ceramic pots with green leaf plants near open 796602 1

That’s a trick question. Creating a sustainable office doesn’t actually require much effort —  just the right attitude. 

What exactly is a Sustainable Office (and why does it matter)?

A sustainable office (or “eco-office”) simply refers to a workplace that regulates its environmental impact. Now before you get defensive, just remember that even the smallest office appliances can easily hurt the environment. Commercial coffee-pod machines create tonnes of packaging waste; fast furniture racks up miles of carbon footprint…and let’s not get started about paper consumption at work.

Although it might not be in your “brand” to be an eco-business, taking small steps to reduce waste could create immense cost-savings. All you have to do is fully understand your office equipment, specifically their origins and what their suppliers stand for.  Environmentally-friendly business solutions aren’t hard to come by— at Timeqube, for example, we plant trees globally with every cube sold. You just have to reach out to similar firms! Besides this, try being mindful of your actions at work. Understanding the importance of recycling, or the impacts of heating, lighting and air-conditioning systems is the perfect way to create a greener workplace.

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Going green isn’t all about potted plants and Earth Day. Whether it’s choosing a sustainable business tool or thinking through your actions at work, it’s the small choices you make that truly create an eco-office.