Small Space, Big Results: How to Make Your Workspace a Productivity Powerhouse

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Written by Mikolaj Skubina

Today’s professionals know just how important productivity is at work. But consistently providing excellent output is easier said than done, especially when your work conditions are subpar. A small, cramped space may not exactly be the most conducive environment to work in.

Luckily, there are plenty of solutions you can try to help you churn out your best work yet. Even with a tiny space, you can still manage to achieve big results. But that’s only if you know how to make the most out of the workspace you have.

Tips for Building a Productivity-boosting Workspace

The size of your workspace shouldn’t block you from producing excellent work. Remember, your work is your source of income, so you need to invest time and energy in ensuring that you can do it well without sacrificing your well-being.

Light It Up

Natural light will always be the best (and most free!) option. But not everyone works during the day, so you need to invest in lighting solutions that can help you see and work better. A dark or dim workspace can affect not just your quality of work but strain your eyes as well, so consider buying a desk lamp with adjustable brightness settings. If you can, you can even have LED strip lights to brighten up your workspace even more.

Go for an Ergonomic Setup

An ergonomic setup is essential for promoting comfort and reducing the risk of strain or injury. This means choosing furniture and equipment that support your body’s natural posture and movements. Here are some ideas for an ergonomic workspace setup:

Adopt New Tools

Explore productivity apps designed to streamline your workflow and collaborate better with your teammates. In terms of gadgets, a pair of noise-canceling headphones can be just what you need to dull out the noise and stay focused on the task at hand. You can also consider using tools like Timeqube for more conscious and effective time management. There are plenty of options out there, just be sure to choose tools that align with your specific needs and work style to maximize their effectiveness.

Make Time to Declutter

Small items like a work document can easily turn into a distracting pile when you don’t clean up regularly. Ensure that you find time to declutter your workspace, whether it’s once a week or a month. You must remove unnecessary items and organize your supplies with affordable and space-saving storage solutions like file organizers and stackable drawers. By creating a clean and organized environment, you’ll be able to minimize the clutter in your head and help you focus on becoming more productive.

Motivate Yourself

Yes, it’s important to keep your desk clear of any clutter. But you should consider dedicating a corner in your small office space where you can find motivation, especially on your “off days.” In this corner, you can display quotes that inspire you, handwritten notes from your peers, or photos of your loved ones. You can even put reminders of your goals, whether it’s your next backpacking trip or a new car you’re saving up for. Find what inspires you and incorporate it into your workspace to keep your productivity fire burning bright.

Train the Mind

Working for extended periods of time can eventually drain your productivity levels. To keep your mind sharp, think of creative ways to challenge your brain. Having materials on hand that can stimulate creativity and sharpen your problem-solving skills is key. Consider keeping a book of brain teasers or sudoku in your workspace. These are excellent choices for an office with spatial constraints, as they can easily be tucked away in a small drawer when not in use.

Take a Break from Work

Finally, don’t forget to take regular breaks throughout your workday to rest and recharge. In order to produce excellent work output, you need to be in your best state. Working non-stop can lead to burnout and decreased productivity, so it’s essential to prioritize self-care. Set reminders to take short breaks to stretch, rest your eyes, or engage in a quick mindfulness exercise. Use this time to recharge your batteries and refocus your mind so you can return to work feeling refreshed and ready to tackle any challenge.


Whether you’re working at a traditional office or a makeshift home office, you must find the right setup that allows for more creative thinking and better productivity. And even with a small workspace, you can still deliver the best results to your clients or employers. By using the right furniture, adopting productivity tools, and prioritizing your overall well-being, you can be your most productive self regardless of how big or small your space is. Give the above tips a try and watch your productivity soar!