Remote Wednesdays: Creating a productive workspace

Written by Trisha Bhullar


Working from home is all fun and games until you realise it’s 3pm and you’re still in your pyjamas, with a completely untouched to-do list! Here’s our guide to creating a productive workspace to maximise your efficiency while working from home.


#1 Separate work from play

The biggest tip to creating a productive workspace is to first, find a workspace! And no, that doesn’t include your bed, sofa or kitchen counter-top. A productive workspace is a set area in the house for you to do nothing but work. It should be away from your kids or your spouse, in a quiet area of the house where you can focus. This not only gives you the perfect environment to concentrate better, but also psychologically influences you into becoming more productive when you enter the area. 


#2 Marie Kondo it!

There’s nothing more distracting than a cluttered workspace. You should never be working on a desk with a pile of laundry, countless coffee mugs and strewn toys. It’s a huge demotivating factor to go to a desk that’s a total mess! Your eyes will constantly fall on items that are un-related to work, in turn sparking thought processes that are un-related to productivity. The simple act of cleaning up itself can bring such a huge boost of motivation that alone might spur your productivity at home.


#3 Green up your workspace

What’s better than a clean, neat workspace? A green one! Adding greenery to your desk not only makes it look way more appealing, but it subconsciously boosts your productivity! If you’re interested in exactly how that works, you can check out our guide to plants and productivity here

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#4 Add in some scents

The key to a productive workspace is by using your 5 senses to enhance your productivity. You’ll then be extrinsically motivated to do more work and be more efficient. We’ve covered sight and sound, but what about scent? Certain scents could help improve relaxation, reduce stress and boost your mood. These factors could make you more receptive to work, and less likely to feel overwhelmed by your workload. Try essential oils like lavender and jasmine for a start! 


#5 You said 5 senses, so what about taste?

Who would’ve thought that certain snacks could improve productivity? In fact, the most overlooked snacks like nuts and bananas could massively boost your efficiency as you work from home. Keep a tiny fruit basket by your desk, or maybe a handy packet of nuts in your nearby drawer. These snacks not only induce chemical reactions that improve productivity, but also save you a trip to the kitchen! 


Get designing!

Your productive workspace will fundamentally differ from someone else’s. It all depends on your habits and preferences! Introduce some classical music, add a timer like a Timeqube or change up your lighting situation. Productivity starts with trying!