How to make working from home fun

Written by Trisha Bhullar


When we talk about working from home, we’re often caught up with productivity. But what about having fun? This article explores 4 different ways you can make working from home fun.

Why is having fun while working from home important?

Having fun at work is incredibly important. It energizes your team, keeps spirits high, encourages productivity and boosts creativity. These are great ways for your team to bond while achieving excellent results. Bonding experiences, in turn, promote team cohesiveness and strengthened relationships. As a result, employees are engaged at work and stay with a company for longer periods of time.

How to have fun while working from home

#1 Engage your team more often

Interacting with your colleagues could lead to fun interactions like jokes or casual conversations. You can engage your colleagues more with useful collaboration tools like kanban boards, Google documents, or a shared Trello board. This way, you’ll know each other’s progress on tasks and find common ground for discussions. You can relate to each other’s successes, struggles, or help each other out with challenging tasks.

Besides this, you should go out of your way to organize team activities. This could be morning Zoom yoga sessions or TGIF virtual drinks.

#2 Dress up!

While working in your pajamas may have sounded appealing, this practice can become weary after a couple of months. In fact, wearing casual attire while you’re working from home can suck the fun out of everything. Instead of concentrating on your work, you’ll be easily drawn to your bed or couch. It also takes away the joy in having an outfit to look forward to. That’s why dressing up for virtual work could be a fun thing for you to try.

Dressing up for work encourages you to experiment with new styles and outfits. It prompts you to be creative and breaks up your standard morning routine. And at the end of the day, it’s a great conversation point during Zoom meetings (“Nice tie! Is it new?”

banerek timeqube min

#3 Have more training sessions

In line with the theme of team engagement, why not organize teams for greater efficiency? Besides morale-boosting bonding sessions, you could request joint training sessions. These sessions are intriguing in breaking up your standard workday schedule and challenging your peers to think deeply.

You don’t even need to engage external contracts to conduct such workshops. It can be a more informal event conducted by more senior mentors in the company or colleagues specializing in a different division. Regardless, the event would be educational and engaging.

#4 Get some fun, new work from home tools

Introducing work from home tools into your life is a great way to spice up your day. A Timeqube, for example, is a colorful productivity tool that helps you track the passing of time. This cube-shaped timer does not come with countdowns or ominous ticking. Instead, it indicates the passing of time with a gentle change in color. Besides being a standout productivity tool, it adds a nice touch to your home office. This is the perfect cherry on the top of your fun, new work from home experience.