Remote Wednesdays: Best productivity tools for working from home

Written by Trisha Bhullar


Working from home is no easy task, but that’s where essential productivity tools come into the picture. Here are our 3 favourite tools and how you could use them to boost your efficiency from home.

Do I really need a tool to boost my productivity?

Most of us have been working from home for a few months at this point. Chances are, the novelty of working from home is starting to wear off. In fact, it’s been found that employees are likely to be most productive in the first month of working from home. This is simply because the circumstances of the lifestyle switch and the excitement related to a new routine had boosted their drive. At this point, however, employees are slowly growing comfortable with the routine of working from home. Routine sometimes means a loss in productivity, as we learn to get comfortable and worry less about this lifestyle switch.

This slow, steady decline could drastically impact your work performance. That’s precisely why introducing productivity tools to your life is more important than ever.

Productivity tool #1 A time-tracking tool

Nothing says productivity like learning to manage your time. Time management doesn’t just mean setting aside more time to work. It involves helping you find that perfect balance of work and play in order to maximize both your happiness and productivity. The best way to monitor your time well is by using an unobtrusive time tracker like a Timeqube.

A Timeqube is, quite literally, a cube that indicates the passing of time through a change of color. Instead of being stressed out by the constant ticking of a clock or blaring phone alarm, you’ll know exactly when to take a break with the soothing colour indicators. What’s more, human peripheral vision has an affinity for color. This means you’ll be able to track the passing of time without having to glance at the timer at all! It’s a seamless solution for effective time-tracking. In fact, Timeqube has just launched its latest productivity tool, the Timeqube Home Edition. You can check it out here.

Productivity tool #2 Music

Could music really make you more productive? Scientists say yes. When used properly, music is a natural productivity tool that may stimulate your senses in order to improve your focus and efficiency. In general, you should pick a music genre that you enjoy and a list of soundtracks with no lyrics. Whether it’s classical music or mellow pop, the music that will make you the most productive ultimately depends on your own tastes and preferences. Find out more about the music that could boost your productivity in our guide to productivity playlists.

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Productivity tool #3 Snacks

Food is essentially the fuel to our bodies. With the right nutrients, you could boost your productivity using biological tools. The best snacks offer a range of benefits, from improving concentration to introducing energy into your system. Pick out healthy, balanced snacks like nuts, granola, fruits, dark chocolate or vegetable chips. These items are extremely popular, not just as productivity tools but also as delicious treats.

A small change goes a long way

Introducing a small shake-up to your regular work from home routine could boost your productivity in surprising ways. Pick out a productivity tool you’re interested in and start today!