Remote Wednesdays: Productivity hacks from self-made billionaires

Written by Trisha Bhullar


If you’re trying to boost your productivity, why not get inspired by productivity gurus themselves? We’ve curated a list of our favourite productivity hacks from self-made billionaires, just for you. 

Do productivity hacks actually work? 

Before jumping into it, let’s address the elephant in the room: do productivity hacks from self-made billionaires even work? You’ll find that productivity hacking has become a common clickbait tool online, where articles really just want your clicks instead of offering useful knowledge. The popularity of productivity clickbaiting is a testament to a near-universal desire to improve our efficiency. Productivity hacks coming from such articles often won’t add value to your life. Additionally, productivity hacks from well-intentioned authors might not work if they don’t suit you. As a result, productivity hacks from self-made billionaires are only successful if they come from reputable sources and fit your personal preferences. In such a case, you stand to enjoy a world of benefits including better efficiency, working smarter and maximising the return on your efforts. 

Productivity hacks from self-made billionaires 

#1 Set lofty goals 

Self-made billionaires aren’t people with small goals. Their productivity hacks are therefore more macro in nature. Instead of setting smaller milestones, pick big, daunting goals that motivate you to be better and push harder. Mark Zuckerberg, for example, sets big goals like learning a new language or meeting a new person every day. 

#2 Minimize time spent on menial tasks 

Menial tasks like checking your email, organising tasks and replying to messages distract you from more important projects at hand. Instead of channelling your creative energies, these tasks absorb your energy with mindless, repetitive actions. These low value-adding tasks hamper you from achieving bigger goals and maximising your productivity. As such, you should minimise time spent on mindless, administrative tasks. This productivity hack comes from self-made billionaire Sheryl Sandberg, who limits the amount of time she spends each day on menial work.

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#3 Know your priorities 

What matters to you the most? Self-made billionaire Richard Branson owns over 400 companies, but still has time to fly kites. That’s because fitness and work-life balance is a huge priority for him. He, therefore, knows when to put down his work and channel time to his passions. Productivity is impossible without having this same awareness and discipline. Take some time to outline your priorities, and allocate time for you to channel your energy to these important activities. This helps you become more productive, not in the sense of getting more work done but in the sense that you have time to complete what matters to you the most. 

It doesn’t take a lot of money, just a bit of time! 

Productivity hacks from self-made billionaires don’t involve a lot of money – just some time and energy. Use these hacks in your everyday life for more efficient living.