Top 3 Mindfulness Activities for Families

Written by Trisha Bhullar


Mindfulness is now more popular than ever — but most mindfulness guides focus on individual activities. Yet, as the saying goes: the more, the merrier. Here are the top 3 mindfulness activities for families. Give them a go and enjoy mindfulness as a group today!

Why should families be mindful?

There’s a huge misconception that mindfulness is an individual activity. Plenty of guides focus on things you can do alone like meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, and daily reflection. That’s because mindfulness is, inherently, an individual process. It is about focusing on being in the present and being aware. This is a very internal concept. However, that doesn’t mean you have to practice mindfulness alone. You can practice mindfulness as a group, with each of you enjoying individual reflections while doing a group activity. This not only invites more people to your mindfulness journey but could also encourage you to fulfill your mindful goals.

Families, in particular, can benefit from this. As a family, you can grow stronger together by learning to be mindful. Having this joint family goal of mindfulness or even a weekly routine of practicing mindfulness together can bring you so much closer. Additionally, teaching your kids or younger family members about mindfulness is invaluable — you’ll be helping them grow up with a more mature, aware view of the world. These are just some of the few benefits you’ll enjoy when you try mindfulness activities for families.

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Mindfulness activities for families

#1 Mindful Walks

A mindful walk is a fun activity for all members of the family. Kids, adults, and even the elderly can enjoy the benefits that come about from reflecting while in the peace of nature. All you need is just 5 minutes to take a walk together, appreciating the beauty of the area you live in while taking the silence to reflect on the present. If you want, you can even discuss your thoughts together. How are you feeling about your day? What thoughts you do have about a current situation? How do you feel about a struggle and what can you objectively do to face it? Don’t be afraid to share your reflections and get emotions off your chest – that’s what family is for!

#2 Yoga

Yoga is a great group activity that will especially excite younger members of the family. It’s a less abstract mindfulness practice that they can engage in. You can take a class together or simply follow a YouTube video. Follow the movements, keep up with the internal reflection process, and enjoy the twofold benefits of reflecting while also keeping fit.

#3 Meditation

Meditation is a quick and easy mindfulness activity for the family. If you’ve got a big family with tight schedules, then meditation is a good idea for you! It doesn’t involve long classes or even leaving the house. You can take 5 minutes to sit together and just reflect quietly as a group. You could even incorporate deep breathing exercises and collectively enjoy the feeling of the stress leaving the room. Keep track of your meditation sessions using a mindful timer like a Timeqube. A Timeqube is a mindfulness timer that changes color with the passing of time — this means no blaring alarms or annoying ticking! It’s also a fun mindful tool for your entire family to enjoy and will brighten up your living room.

Give these mindful activities for families a go and stay mindful as a group today!