Sleep Mantras To Improve Your Mental Health Before Bed

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Written by Mikolaj Skubina

If your mental health interferes with your ability to get a restful sleep, you’re not alone. According to the Anxiety & Depression Association of America, over 40 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep disorders, and 20 million more occasionally deal with sleep problems.

With so many people tossing and turning, it’s no surprise that mindfulness strategies aimed at targeting anxiety and other mental health challenges before bed are becoming increasingly popular. One such strategy is the repetition of sleep affirmations, also known as sleep mantras.

Sleep mantras are phrases that you repeat to yourself at bedtime in an effort to manifest more positivity and peace in your life. This article will dive into the power of sleep mantras and will provide you with the tools you need to create your own, including some printable ideas you can use to get started.


What Can Sleep Mantras Do For Me?

You may hesitate at the thought of telling yourself phrases in order to feel better – totally understandable. Try thinking about it like this: When you do something you aren’t proud of, how does the self-critical voice in your head make you feel? Probably not too hot.

Just as the repetition of negative words to ourselves amplifies negativity and distress, the repetition of positive words to ourselves encourages positivity and hope. With enough practice, your brain should start to remember bedtime as a time of rest and self-love, as opposed to a time of anxiety and stress.

Sleep mantras don’t just have to be for people with insomnia – they can be used by anyone to help boost your confidence, to relax your body or to inspire creativity. The sky’s the limit!

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Best Practices For An Effective Sleep Mantra

Does the thought of practicing your own sleep mantras interest you? If so, let’s take a look at some tips to keep in mind as you get started:

Say them over and over. Just as you study by repeating words you need to memorize, the best way to ingrain your positive sleep mantras into your mind is to say them over and over, ideally out loud.


Mantras For Wakeful Anxiety

Anxiety has a clever way of convincing us that we aren’t in control of our thoughts – that we have to worry about everything in the world that could possibly go wrong. In reality, we do have control over our minds, and they sometimes need to be reminded of this in order to settle down and allow us to get the rest we need.

Next time your brain struggles to settle down at bedtime, try repeating the following mantras:

  1. I have the power to control my thoughts and emotions.
  2. I am at peace with my past.
  3. I can overcome any obstacle. 
  4. I am not worried about things I can’t control.


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Mantras For Bedtime Relaxation

Some evenings, our minds may not be overly anxious yet our bodies hold onto the stress of the day. The first step in overcoming this tension is to become aware of it. While stretching and other forms of exercise can help loosen up our muscles, sleep mantras can help convince our minds to let our bodies rest.

  1. With every breath I take, calmness washes over me.
  2. I am in a relaxed state, both mentally and physically.
  3. I am allowed to take a break.
  4. I release all tension from my body as I prepare for bed.


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Mantras For Pleasant Dreams

Nightmares can turn what would have been a pleasant sleep into an exhausting experience. Where we go when we sleep is often dependent on our subconscious feelings as we fall asleep. Whether you suffer from chronic nightmares or just want to manifest peaceful dreams, try out the following mantras for pleasant dreams:

  1. I am ready to receive happiness through my dreams.
  2. I am a peaceful sleeper.
  3. I can control my dreams.
  4. I have better and better dreams each night.


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Hopefully these curated bedtime mantras have inspired you to create some of your own. Remember, they can be related to whatever you’re feeling from day to day, so personalize them as much as you want!

Of course, positive self-talk tools like sleep mantras are just a piece of the solution to improving mental health and getting better sleep. It’s equally important to take good care of your body by staying hydrated and eating healthy foods, as well as seeking professional help through therapy.

If you enjoyed the visuals above, download all 6 of Tommy John’s printable sleep affirmations below for your bedroom, phone wallpaper or wherever you look for inspiration.


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