Mindful Mondays: How to battle your coronavirus anxiety

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Written by Trisha Bhullar

brunette woman holding a cup of hot tea 1797108

Uncertainty is an inevitable part of life, but it is undoubtedly challenging to deal with. Facing drastic changes to your routine, hearing unexpected news and worrying about unknown factors can take a huge toll on your mental health. Here are some great ways to practice mindfulness in times of high stress, and battle your coronavirus anxiety. 


Mindfulness tip #1 Create a new schedule

Whether you’re working from home or adapting your business functionality, you’ve definitely experienced some form of interruption to your work routine. This disruption not only reduces productivity but also messes with your mood, thoughts and stress levels! Try creating a new schedule to inject familiarity into these uncertain times. An additional tip is to integrate mindfulness exercises into this new routine! Schedule some time in your day to practice mindful breathing, or try keeping a meditation journal to reduce your coronavirus anxiety. 


Mindfulness tip #2 Stay away from panic echo chambers

In times of stress, we should avoid any stimulus that can negatively harm our wellbeing. Platforms like social media can add on to anxiety you face due to their ability to accumulate stress. For instance, people might start ranting or sharing false news online which would then, in turn, create unnecessary stress for you. Stick to established media platforms to stay updated on accurate news information. Avoid panic echo chambers and instead, use the internet as a source of calm. One way to do this is using mindfulness apps for guided yoga or meditation exercises, sharing your mindfulness tips online or following a Youtube tutorial for mindful breathing exercises! 


Mindfulness tip #3 Acknowledge your emotions

The best way to deal with coronavirus anxiety is to acknowledge your fears about the situation. What I mean here is not to spend every moment of the day in fear. Instead, set aside a fixed amount of time each day to observe and understand your emotions. Subsequently, you should question these emotions with logic. Here’s a great exercise to try.

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Sit cross-legged on the floor or on your bed, whichever is more comfortable for you. Set a timer for 5 minutes. The best timer to use, in this case, would be an unobtrusive mindfulness tool like a Timeqube. Once you’re ready, spend those 5 minutes letting your anxious thoughts run. Do not associate emotion with these thoughts — rather, just hear them out. Once 5 minutes have passed, spend the next 5 minutes considering those thoughts rationally. Rule out any unnecessary fear and think of ways to mitigate legitimate concerns. Following this, you should calm yourself and avoid thinking of the issue for the rest of your day. 


Stay calm and stay safe! 

Uncertainty shouldn’t terrorise your life. Don’t let coronavirus anxiety get the better of you! Stay safe, stay responsible and stay mindful to tide over this difficult period.