How to Choose Enriching Holidays That Won’t Break the Bank (or Your Spirit)

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Written by Mikolaj Skubina

Picking the ideal vacation is a bit like choosing the perfect avocado—get it too early, and it’s not ready; too late, and it’s a disaster. But don’t worry! Here’s a tried-and-true guide to planning enriching holidays that are as rejuvenating as they are unforgettable.

1. Define Your Idea of ‘Enrichment’

Before planning a truly enriching holiday, you need to clarify what “enrichment” means to you. Is it learning something new, relaxing on a beach, exploring ancient ruins, or perhaps indulging in local cuisine until you can’t look at another croissant? Identify what excites you and let that guide your destination. If culture is your thing, consider a tour of Italy’s museums or a history-packed jaunt through Greece. If you love nature, a hiking trip in Patagonia or a safari in Kenya might be more your speed.

2. Do Your Homework

Once you know what excites you, dive into research on your chosen destination’s peak and off-peak seasons. Traveling during shoulder season can often save you money and help you avoid large crowds of tourists. Check out local festivals and events that might interest you; they often offer a deeper look into the local culture and can be a lot of fun.

3. Budget Wisely

Budgeting is essential unless you’ve found a money tree. Start by considering big expenses like airfare and accommodation, then estimate daily costs for meals, transportation, and activities. Look for packages that bundle things like flights and hotels or excursions for a discount. Remember, enriching doesn’t have to mean extravagant—sometimes a quiet, low-cost retreat can be just as enriching as a luxury escape.

4. Think Outside the Box

Instead of a traditional hotel, why not try something more unique? A local home on Airbnb, a country farmhouse, or even a monastery stay can offer immersive experiences that typical tourist destinations can’t. These options are often cheaper and provide a more authentic glimpse into local life.

5. Consider the Company You Keep

Decide if this will be a solo adventure, a romantic getaway, or a fun trip with friends or family. The company you choose will influence your activities and potentially your destination. Solo trips are great for soul-searching and spontaneous decisions, while group travels can be enriched with shared experiences and laughter.

6. Prepare for the Unplanned

Some of the most enriching experiences come from unexpected adventures. It’s good to have a plan, but leave some flexibility in your schedule for unplanned activities. Who knows? A wrong turn in Venice might lead you to the best gelato of your life!


Choosing an enriching holiday isn’t just about picking a destination; it’s about crafting an experience that will nourish your soul, broaden your mind, and create lifelong memories. Whether you end up stargazing in the Sahara or learning tango in Buenos Aires, remember that the best trips don’t just take you to new places—they bring new places to you. So pack your bags, embrace the unknown, and let the world surprise you!