Mindfulness tips for college students

Written by Trisha Bhullar


There’s a huge misconception that mindfulness is meant for stressed working adults or zen yoga moms. But in reality, mindfulness has massive benefits for college students as well. Today, we’ll explore the top mindfulness tips for college students and how exactly they could change your life.


Mindfulness is all about being present and connected to yourself. This might sound super foreign to college students but in fact, it’s a powerful way to step into adulthood. Mindfulness can help you be calmer, more focused, and even happier in life. For college students, mindfulness means better work-life balance, boosted confidence, and enhanced focus for classes.

Mindfulness tips for college students

#1 Stop multitasking

Multitasking requires you to divide your time and attention among multiple tasks. This could mean getting homework done while texting friends in the background and attending a Zoom club meeting all at once! But when you multitask, you’re not completely focusing on your present state. You’re more likely to make mistakes, not enjoy your time, and get stressed out. That’s terrible for your mental health — especially while you’re in college! In contrast to this, when you stop multitasking and take things one step at a time, you could see better results and learn to love what you do.

#2 Set aside time for yourself every day

Being a college student can be incredibly overwhelming. There’s college essay writing, club meets, social events, family commitments and so much more happening at once. And this is while you’re at a stage in life where you’re trying to figure yourself out and who you want to be. That’s a lot of pressure! It also means that you’re often juggling tons of commitments and possibly sacrificing time for yourself. A huge mindfulness tip, in this case, is to set aside “me” time every day. This could be just 5 minutes of time every night where you reflect on what’s happened each day. What made you happy and what made you unhappy? What would you do differently? These thoughts help you appreciate what’s happened in the day and also understand yourself better. It’s very similar to the concept of meditation — just without the fancy bells and whistles!

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#3 Use mindfulness tools

In an era of social media and technology, it can be difficult to practice mindfulness. Mindfulness is a skill that requires a lot of discipline – which can be tough in a world of distractions. That’s why you should use technology to help you on your mindfulness journey as well. A Timeqube, for example, is a cute timer that changes color with the passing of time. It’s a modern tool that not only brightens up your dorm room but also encourages better time management. This way, you can have your 5-minute nightly reflections or task-to-task time management in a stress-free, seamless manner. If you prefer to have an online tool, you can use Timeqube’s desktop timer to enjoy the same benefits. Pair this mindfulness tool with your favorite time management techniques — from Pomodoro to Zen to Done for the best results.

Give mindfulness a go today and watch it transform your college life this fall. All you need to do is take that first step!