Mindful Mondays: Chakra Meditation

Written by Trisha Bhullar


Chakra Meditation sounds way more foreign than it actually is. It’s a traditional mindful exercise that helps you incorporate balance into your life, thus improving both your physical and mental health. This guide serves as a beginner’s introduction to help you explore the world of Chakra Meditation.

What is Chakra Meditation?

Chakra Meditation is a type of meditation exercise which helps you clear negative energy and introduce balance into your life. It’s believed that such a balance is essential for leading a clear, happy life.

What are Chakras?

Before we jump into Chakra Meditation, let’s first understand the concept of Chakras. A Chakra represents an energy centre. Some find it helpful to visualise it as a tiny ball of light within your body. According to traditional Chakra Meditation, there are 7 core Chakras that you should get to know.

  1. Root. The Root Chakra is located near your spine. It’s a form of energy that ties you to the wider world around you, as well as your basic human needs. When problems arise with your Root Chakra, you’ll often experience both physical and mental disturbances.
  2. Sacral. This Chakra is located below your belly button region. It represents intimacy, exploration and novelty. This form of energy thus drives your creativity and adventurous spirit.
  3. Solar Plexus. Right below your belly button lies the Solar Plexus Chakra region. This energy is essential for your mental and spiritual wellbeing.
  4. Heart. Disequilibrium in your Heart Chakra may result in respiratory and cardiovascular issues. Having a balanced Heart Chakra, on the other hand, is important in helping you build lasting relationships.
  5. Throat. Communication and expressing yourself is embodied in this energy.
  6. Third Eye. Third Eye Chakra unsurprisingly lies above your eyebrows. It guides insight, understanding and awareness.
  7. Crown. Last but not least, the Crown Chakra. This energy ties all the other Chakras together, uniting their balance to bring peace and understanding.

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How does Chakra Meditation work?

Chakra Meditation is based on the fundamental understanding that the disturbance you’re feeling is due to blocked Chakras. Chakra Meditation then un-blocks your Chakras to help you attain peace.

How will you know if your Chakras are blocked? Since each of the 7 Chakras are vastly different, you can identify which Chakra is blocked by checking for unique symptoms. For example, cardiovascular symptoms are associated with Heart Chakra while intuition lapses could be associated with Third Eye Chakra.

Once you’ve identified your blocked Chakras, you may use Chakra Meditation to open your Chakras. It’s always easier, as a beginner, to meditate on your overall Chakras. You can learn to focus on individual Chakras as you get more skilled.

Get into a comfortable, standard meditation position. Visualize each Chakra at its position of origin and imagine a flow of energy invigorating your body. The key to successfully practising Chakra Meditation is to devote your effort to visualizing positive energy only.

Get a helping hand

Chakra Meditation can be difficult for beginners. It requires strong visualization and focus skills. Regardless, you should never give up and strive to keep improving your routine every day. A great way to get a beginner’s boost is by incorporating mindful tools into your meditation routine. A Timeqube, for example, helps you stay on track while bringing colour that could help you visualize your Chakras even better. Above all, remember to practise each day and don’t give up!