Mindful Mondays: Mindful Eating & How It Works

Written by Trisha Bhullar


There are plenty of things you can do mindfully – meditate, walk and even eat. But what exactly is mindful eating? Is it just another “fluffy” 21st-century trend or does it bring actual benefits? This guide will cover the basics of mindful eating, to give you a better understanding of its benefits and potential place in your life.

What is mindful eating?

Mindful eating is a form of mindfulness, which is a practice that focuses on non-judgemental observation and awareness. Mindful eating employs mindfulness to help you understand your cravings, eating practices, personal preferences and small habits. It’s a way for you to better understand yourself through the small things in life.

Can I really benefit from mindful eating?

Mindfulness itself comes with a host of benefits – from an improved mood and better state of mind, to clearer thinking and better physical health. On top of these benefits, mindful eating may be used to treat specific disorders including depression, anxiety and eating disorders. In addition to this, mindful eating is a great way for non-meditators to practice mindfulness. Many people state that they’d love to practise mindfulness but can’t find the time to use yoga and meditation in their daily lives. This is thus a great mindfulness exercise for you to practice in your daily life. It requires little time and effort, and can be integrated easily into your everyday routine.

How does it work?

In general, eating mindfully just means eating with awareness. What do you think about when you eat? How do you eat? What habits do you have while eating? Think about this throughout the process and spend time considering an action that to you, has always been second nature.

It can be strange giving so much thought to such a mundane activity. Where should you start and what should you take note of? Here are some tips for beginners to practice mindful eating.

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