Meditation for better leadership

Written by Trisha Bhullar


People tend to associate better leadership with external sources — like going for a leadership course or learning from a mentor. While these are perfectly legitimate ways to improve your leadership, don’t forget to look within as well. In today’s article, we’ll explore the under-appreciated world of meditation for better leadership.

What makes a good leader?

Before we even jump into the idea of improving your leadership, let’s explore what it means to be a leader in the first place. Leaders act as the glue within the team, binding everyone together, but also being a compass and guiding each and every member towards a common goal. With that in mind, a good leader is someone with a range of positive characteristics. In general, good leaders are calm, resilient, focused, and empathetic. These are traits that aren’t just great for leaders — they’re great for any average joe. So let’s take a look at meditation and exactly how it helps you embrace these traits.

Why should I use meditation for better leadership?

1) Meditation improves your focus

Some people consider meditation as training for the mind — and they’re not wrong! Meditation is a great way to improve your discipline, and this could help you become more focused. This is especially important for leaders who need to be on the ball, jumping from task to task and keeping productivity up. But focus doesn’t just mean avoiding distractions — it also means being aware.

Now there are two ways we can think about awareness. Firstly, we can consider improved awareness as a means of improving your attention to detail. Leaders who are more alert and self-aware tend to pick up on small mistakes that could have led to future disasters. Being meticulous is an essential trait for any great leader — whether it’s in important deliverables or daily communications with your team. Secondly, we can consider improved awareness as paying better attention to your actions and that of others. It means picking up on the small bad habits that eat into your day or even just noticing that energy in your team is down. Remember — leaders are the glue of your team. As such, having this awareness of your personal disposition and team dynamics is essential. Meditation really does go a long way in helping you with better leadership!

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2) Meditation builds emotional resilience

Being a leader is no easy feat. There are days where nothing goes well — conflicts arise within your team, higher-ups demand more, or you expect better from yourself. These are days of stress — which is why emotional resilience is so important. Meditation helps you build this emotional strength by teaching you to build a better composure.

3) Meditation keeps you healthy

At the end of the day, being a better leader is also about treating your body better. That means being physically fit and improving your sleep. Meditation helps with both — physical meditation exercises like yoga promote physical strength, while most forms of meditation have been shown to actually reduce insomnia. Take care of yourself, and you’ll then be able to take care of your team.

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