Remote Wednesdays: Marie Kondo’s productivity tips for working from home

Written by Trisha Bhullar


Need some tips to get productive while working from home? Why not take some inspiration from productivity and wellness guru Marie Kondo? In this article, we’ll take a look at Marie Kondo’s tips for a more productive self-isolation period. 

Productivity tip #1 Start your morning with good energy 

Nothing kills your mood like a bad start to the day, and unsurprisingly, your mood has a huge influence on your productivity. Marie Kondo starts her day at 6am, taking a few minutes to be thankful for the positives in her life. Besides this, she advises getting dressed for the day and wearing something that makes you feel confident. This not only sets the tone for a focused, productive day but also makes you feel fresh! 

Productivity tip #2 Be organised with your tasks 

Marie Kondo starts work by outlining a clear, succinct to-do list which she writes in order of importance. Doing this helps her compartmentalise her work and prioritise the most important tasks to complete. If to-do lists aren’t your thing, you can try weekly planners, colour-coded lists of monthly goals. Remember that you should customise your planner to your needs. That means choosing an online planner or a classic journal, depending on your needs. 

Productivity tip #3 Communicate with your family 

While work is on your mind, your household could fall into disarray! Marie Kondo suggests clear communication amongst family members in order to establish a clear understanding of working hours and the allocation of chores. She even used to share a task spreadsheet with her husband! If that’s not your cup of tea, you could simply split chores with family members in a manner that suits you best. Besides this, be sure to communicate with each other on work hours. The last thing you need is someone walking in on your Zoom meeting! 

Communication with your partner may be easy but what about communicating with kids? That’s where tools like a Timeqube come in. Timeqube Home is an unobtrusive timer that changes colour with the passing of time. By clearly explaining to your child which colour means “work” and which colour means “break time”, you can avoid unwanted distractions. After all, colours are easier for kids to understand than time!

banerek timeqube min

Productivity tip #4 Clear your mind 

Always take a moment to clear your mind and take breaks. This ensures that you have sufficient “you-time” to take a break, focus on yourself and avoid getting burnt out. 

Productivity tip #5 Have a routine 

There’s something oddly productive about having a routine. It keeps you on your feet, gives you goals to tick off, and keeps you out of bed all day! Routines not only boost efficiency but can be comforting in this time of uncertainty and sudden change. 

One step at a time! 

Although Marie Kondo has always advocated for drastic change, sometimes change comes in baby steps. Try out each of these tips slowly and you’ll be surprised by how productive you may get!