How To Naturally Relieve Work Stress And Stay Productive

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Written by Grace Hawkins

The modern lifestyle makes you prone to stressful episodes and mental health issues. Amongst all the people struggling with mental health, work-related stress is a significant cause. Whether it’s the fear of upcoming deadlines or the inability to cope up with work, every other thing can cause stress. Further, the stress contributes to a lack of work productivity and degrades your performance. You can use natural yet effective ways to boost your productivity and relieve stress. Try to sort out your work routine through a sorted plan and practice workplace wellness.


1.   Incorporate Morning Routine

Are you tired of starting work right after getting out of your bed? If you wish to spend a stress-free time at work, you must create enough gap between your morning routine and work timings. Try to follow a morning routine that involves positive affirmations and relaxing morning beverages. For this purpose, the herbal cannabis tea can be pretty rejuvenating for your mind and your body. It contains terpenes and phytocannabinoids that fight off oxidative damage and curb stress. You can get tea extracts from Weed Smart to prepare your morning tea. Some other morning beverage options to include in your calming routine are lavender, chamomile, and peppermint.


2.   Practice Workplace Wellness

The pandemic is in full swing and demands you to work from home. But, that doesn’t mean you don’t need a designated workspace with the proper facilities. Make a home office that adheres to sustainable living practices. Also, you can add indoor houseplants to enhance the aesthetics and bring in the fresh air. Choose a space with ample natural light to brighten up your mood as well as your spirits. If you’re fond of certain fragrances, you can create a scented workspace using aromatherapy candles. The key to a stress-free workday is a well-oriented and attractive workspace.


3.   Organize Your Day

Another tip to enhance productivity and stay efficient at work is regular work routine and organization. You can’t wake up with absolutely no goals or plans for the entire day. Hence, try to sort out and prepare a schedule for the next day before hitting off the bed. Then, add on the small or big tasks you need to work on and tick them off. When you tick off all the things mentioned in the list, you will likely experience a sense of satisfaction. Further, this acts as the driving force for the upcoming days and curbs the work stress.


4.   Move For Some Time

While working, you may experience burnout and the inability to concentrate after a few hours. It’s always better to take frequent breaks and go for a quick walk. Also, you can enhance blood circulation and release some feel-good hormones on your desk. Try out the desk exercises like tricep dips, squats, and chair pushups to get your alertness back. It helps in increasing concentration levels and allows you to focus on work. Along with this, you get rid of the stressful feelings and achieve an uplifting mood. The next time you feel tired or numb, get up and do some desk workouts for a few minutes.


5.   Never Skip Meals

Do you end up skipping lunch or breakfast due to the hectic work schedule or projects? We often make one major mistake while working is skipping meals just to get the work done faster. Also, try to eat healthy meals throughout the day. Work-related stress increases the levels of the hormone cortisol in your body. Further, hormones increase cravings for fatty and spicy junk foods. Instead of munching on a packet of chips, prepare a vegetable salad to curb your hunger pangs. Try to prepare your meals before starting the day and store them till mealtime.


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6.   Get Your Beauty Sleep

Another thing that you must work on for a calm and productive workday is adequate sleep and rest. Ditch the binge-watching sessions and hit the bed on time to avoid lack of sleep. Also, you must monitor the kind of sleep, be it refreshing or a disturbed one. The ideal sleep cycle must be undisturbed, consistent, and rejuvenating throughout the night. In case you experience sleeplessness or frequent interruptions, you must practice a bedtime routine. Practice a few minutes of mindfulness meditation and do some stretching to enhance the quality of your sleep. As the sleep quality improves, you are likely to experience less stress and more productivity during work.


7.   Limit Working Hours

If you end up staying late and have no fixed work duration, then it might be the cause of long-term stress and anxiety. Fixed working hours are essential to creating a work-life balance. Also, it can improve your mental health and provide enough time for self-care. Try to develop a work schedule and plan the working hours according to it. Along with this, you must not exceed it unless there’s an urgent project or situation.


Final Thoughts

Work schedule is an essential part of your life and requires proper planning. You need to work on the work-life balance to get rid of stress and lead a productive life. That’s where the role of natural remedies and technique creeps in. You can start with a full-fledged morning routine to minimize work-related stress. Also, practice self-care during the morning hours and set a calm mood for the entire day. Work-life balance is all about giving yourself a much-needed break from a stressful job. It can enhance your productivity levels and help you live a quality life.


Grace Hawkins is an author and blogger