Buy Timequbes, Plant Trees, Save Time for Earth

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Written by Andy

At Timeqube (And being Milennials ourselves) we need businesses to have a social impact. Climate Crisis seems to be a good candidate. The time has come to act together as a species and try to make up for all the irresponsible behaviours and actions.

There are many ways to save our time on this planet one of which is tree planting. Here is a read on the topic that will help you learn why it is important. Want to Stop Climate Change? Start by planting billion trees –  from Washington Post.

Amazon Jungle, the lungs of the Earth is recently on fire, being burned to grow food for livestock we end up eating in excess. So Amazon is where our eyes should be directed. Take a look at Those Countries Have Lost Over a Quarter of Their Trees from Insider to get the idea.

We teamed up with   to start planting trees in the Amazon Area. Here’s a handy map from Global Forest Watch of how Amazon Rainforest hass been affected by tree cover loss in past 20 years.

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Now with Every Timeqube purchased, you’re also planting a tree in the Amazon. We’ll be running a live counter on trees planted on the website. In October we’re planting the first 510 for the sold out batch. Every month we’ll donate to turn every Timeqube you purchased into 1 Tree Planted.

Thank you for saving time for your company. Thank you for prolonging our time on Earth.❤️🌏🌳

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