5 home uses of Timeqube you might have never thought of

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Written by Mikolaj Skubina

kid iphone e1572339150596

The existence of timers dates back to the year 1926 when Thomas Norman Hicks invented the first kitchen timer. Its creation aims to indicate that the time set for a particular purpose had been reached. Timers, since then have had something peculiar to every model; Noise.

Over the years, people have thought of different approaches to modernize the timer to fit into our daily lives comfortably, and the product of this thought is the TIMEQUBE.

Timeqube is the timer re-invented, replacing the noise made by regular timers with indicator lights. The indicator lights are of various colors which represent the time left for each task or activity.

Having discussed a little on the origin of timers and Timeqube, we outline five significant home applications of Timeqube you have never thought of;

As Timer for Kids

We all want our kids to grow and exhibit some certain level of time consciousness. Timeqube is one that can be used to teach children the concept of time. It can be used to educate your children on how to effectively manage their time using the time-box method, either on their phones or laptops.


Sometimes while cooking, you could get distracted either by a message on your phone or by someone who engages you in a discussion of your interest. This distractions often leaves us with our food sometimes burnt beyond recognition. The timeqube can be used to monitor our cooking carefully. So while cooking, you could set a time-box for the duration expected to prepare the meal on timeqube.

Yoga and Open Eyes Meditation

Yoga and open eyes meditation are different forms of exercise that requires maximum concentration, and to which noise is a major form of distraction. The Timeqube works with human peripheral vision, so you will never need to turn your head to check the time. It can be used to remove the noise caused by noisy timers and give you a peaceful and conducive training environment, and also make sure that you stick to the time you have allotted for your exercise.

Personal Productivity Session

Timers are an essential tool in increasing productivity. It’s without a doubt that everyone wants to utilize their every day (24 hours) productively. Timeqube can be used during your sessions to achieve your aims, also adopting the use of time-boxes according to the Pomodoro technique (25 – 30 minutes) for each task, with some break in between, would help take your productivity to a new level.

Quality Time with Your Significant One

As weird as it may seem, we lose people who are precious to us because we spend very little time together. You know evidently, there is a lot to discuss but you end up spending less than expected time with them. The Timeqube can be used to ensure you maximize the time spent with your loved ones. Timeqube operates such that it removes the feeling that you are being timed. A couple could use timeqube to strengthen their relationship and connect even deeper while spending quality time together.

Anyhow, it is never too late to start timeboxing. Beautifully and stress free.

Only a few of many uses of Timeqube have been outlined above for more enquires visit our site at https://timeqube.com.