Introducing: The Timeqube Home Office Edition

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Written by Trisha Bhullar

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Millions of people around the world are working from home today — and chances are, you’re one of them. Afternoons filled with focused office hours are now disrupted by the tempting idea of snacks in your fridge, a warm and comfy bed available 24/7 and even kids who pester you in the middle of a productive streak. We hear your concerns, and that’s why we’re releasing a Timeqube Home Office Edition.


How does the Timeqube Home Office Edition work?

Timeqube is all about simple, subtle time awareness that keeps you focused in a stress-free manner. That hasn’t changed at all! Timeqube Home works in the same way as a standard Timeqube does, except it’s geared towards keeping your productivity levels up when you’re working from home. 

The human brain subconsciously recognizes changes in color. Conversely, we tend to get stressed out by little things like ticking clocks or seeing the counting down of numbers. Timeqube leverages on this psychology by subtly keeping you time-aware as you complete your tasks. Set the Timeqube timer on to your desired duration. Watch as the colors gently transition from green to yellow, then a calm blinking red. These colors indicate the passing of time and are a more effective means of managing your productivity! 


What benefits can I get from using the Timeqube Home Office Edition?

While our own members have had to work from home, we can completely relate to the challenges you face while transitioning to a stay-at-home office. Timeqube Home thus contains features that mitigate distractions and promote sustainable bursts of productivity. Here are some benefits we love, and hopefully you will too! 


#1 Stay on track while staying home! 

Working from home doesn’t have to mean falling productivity levels. Timeqube Home helps you cultivate sustained bursts of productivity to balance your work and personal life. Try using the Pomodoro technique while using a Timeqube to obtain maximum productivity levels in the shortest period of time. Following this, you can take scheduled breaks to grab a snack, take a breather and make sure your kids aren’t watching TV instead of doing homework.

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#2 Speaking of kids… do not disturb!

Balancing work life and personal life takes on a whole new level when your kids are at home. It can be extremely frustrating when your children break your focus by interrupting you during a productivity streak. Timeqube Home thus offers a child-repellant feature. We’re only half-kidding.

Since Timeqube works in colors that are visible from every angle, it’s much easier to set rules with your kids on when you may be disrupted. For example, let them know that the pale orange color signals that you’re almost ready for a break, while the green color is a huge no-distractions zone. Red, on the other hand, means that you’re on a break and they can come over for a quick chat. It’s simple, easy and intuitive for everyone! 

#3 Stress-free solutions in a stressful time

As much as we might joke about the working from home situation, it is an unfortunate by-product of a difficult time that we’re all in together. Having the pressure of balancing your personal life with work life, on top of the current uncertainty, can be extremely pressurising. The last thing you need right now is additional stress, even if it’s in the form of a blaring alarm reminding you to reply that email, schedule that Zoom meeting or submit that proposal. Timeqube Mind offers gentle reminders to help you stay in control, and stay calm during this high-stress period Additionally, you can use your Timeqube as a tool to practice mindful exercises, including breathing techniques or quick meditations, improving your emotional strength during this epidemic. 


Stay safe and stay productive! 

The Timeqube Home Edition is all about promoting focus, clearer communication and a sense of calm during these uncertain times. Reach out to our team if you have any questions and we’d love for you to join the Timeqube community!