Save up to 20% meeting costs with Timeqube

Written by Andy

Businesses worldwide are drowning in unproductive meetings.  It is estimated that no less than 70%  of all 85 million meetings happening a day in the world are a waste of time and money.

Timeqube is a mindful light-based cube that uses colors: green, yellow and red to gently indicate passing time. It won’t tell you exactly how much time is left. Instead you will know when half of your precious meeting time is gone, when you should start wrapping up and finally, when time is up.

Once Timeqube is placed on the meeting table, it does just one, very simple thing: reminding people of passing time by using brain’s natural feature to recognise colors before anything else. Timeqube also takes advantage of human peripheral vision. Thanks to its size and light-generated halo, meeting participants do not have to regularly glimpse at the device as they would normally do with wall clocks or smartphone apps.  

The company emphasises role of stress and its health-related consequences at work believing there is increasing need to make workplaces more enjoyable and mindful. Timeqube universally helps people manage their meeting dynamics while reminding meeting participants of time as a friend, not enemy.

Andrzej Dobrucki, Timeqube founder started developing the idea after considering how ineffective typical meetings are:  

Most people hardly stay on topic throughout the meetings, while others engage in lengthy debates or simply tune out. By staying mindful of time yet not stressed by time, people change the way they relate to the meeting itself. They just easily become more productive in it

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In the times of notoriously interconnected devices, Timeqube boasts to be fully analog providing no smartphone connection. It seeks minimum attention while offering today’s rare commodity – sensuality and mindfulness.

Timeqube is made of high quality materials, nice to touch and pleasurably aesthetic. Cube shaped, it looks great in any meeting space. Device is started and re-set by pressing against its top case. It features 6 universal meeting presets – 2,5,,15,30,45 and 60 minutes for both Agile, Presentations and regular meeting needs.

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